Apple AirPods Pro come with small, medium, and large silicone eartips. The media set comes preinstalled, but you can pull it out and swap it around to find the best fit. Here’s how to check the tightness and acoustic performance.

Start by checking the physical fit of the pre-installed medium size eartips. You want AirPods Pro to have a secure yet comfortable fit. If the tip is too tight or too loose, tear off the silicone tip from the bud and then push the smaller or larger tip into place.

Now that you have a comfortable fit, it’s time to test the seal to ensure the best noise cancellation and sound quality. Keep in mind that your AirPods Pro must be paired with an iPhone in order to complete this test.

Start by opening the Settings app. If you can’t find it on your iPhone, swipe down on the home screen and use Apple Spotlight search to find the app.

Apple AirPods Pro In-Ear Selecting App Settings

Then click on the «Bluetooth» option.

Apple AirPods Pro In-Ear Select Bluetooth

To continue, you’ll need AirPods Pro, which is out of the charger and in your ears. This will connect the headphones to your iPhone.

Now find the AirPods Pro listing and select the «i» icon next to it.

Apple AirPods Pro In-Ear Select the I icon next to the headphones

Scroll down and tap on the link «Headphone Compliance Test».

Apple AirPods Pro Select Ear Test

The next screen will explain what an earmould test is and why it is so important to find the most suitable one. When you’re ready, click the «Continue» button.

Apple AirPods Pro Select Continue

Make sure the AirPods Pro fit comfortably in your ears, then hit the Play button to start testing.

Apple AirPods Pro Select play button

You will now be presented with the results of the fit. If both earbuds have a good print, you can exit the test by clicking the «Done» button in the top right corner.

Apple AirPods Pro Good Fit Results Select Done

If your AirPods Pro fail the fit test, adjust the earbud or try a different tip size. When you’re ready, click the Play button again to repeat the test.

Apple AirPods Pro Bad Fit Results Select Play Again

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