If you prefer a 24-hour clock format instead of the usual 12-hour format, Amazon recently (and quietly) added the ability to switch between the two on the Echo Show and Echo Spot.

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Colloquially known as «military time», the 24-hour clock format is not as popular, but it is used in several different industries — the military (hence the pseudonym), aviation, and hospitals. If you’re using this time format and have display-based echo, here’s how to switch.

Open settings by swiping down from the top of the screen and then tapping on the little gear icon. On the echo show, under the icon there is a label «Settings».

From there, select the «Home and Clock» (Echo Dot) option, the «Home Screen» (Echo Show) option.

Toggle the «24 hour time» switch to turn it on.

Your clock will now display 24 hour format.

Everything else (like your wallpaper and theme) stays the same.

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