It is recommended to change the password regularly. This is especially true on Chromebooks since you use your Google account to sign in. Fortunately change password on a Chromebook is pretty easy.

If you’re using a Chromebook, there’s a good chance you’re using Google services on your other devices. For example, you can write a Google Doc to a Chromebook and then read it on your iPad, mobile phone, or any other device. It all happens through your Google account and you can access all the files in Google Drive using just one password.

You also use your Google account to sign into your Chromebook, and changing your password on your Chromebook will also change it for your Google account. The next time you switch to using Google services on another device, you’ll be prompted to sign in with a new password.

How to change your password on a Chromebook

Start by opening a new Chrome browser window.

Select your profile photo in the top right corner, then select your Google account.

Select Login & Security.

Scroll down until you see the Google Sign In section, then select Password.

Enter your current password.

Confirm your two-factor authentication method.

Enter and confirm your new password. You want make sure the password is strong or, even better, generated by password manager . Select Change Password.

A pop-up window tells you that you are signed out of your Google account on other devices. You’ll still be signed in to your current Chromebook, and if you’re using Google Prompt on your smartphone as your two-factor authentication method, you can also choose to stay signed in to that phone. Select OK.

This is it! You will need to sign in with a new password on other devices; then everything will work just like before!

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