Nest Secure has three different alarm settings: Off, Home and Away. Here’s how to tweak some of these options to suit your needs.

Here’s how each alarm level runs by default:

  • Off: only doors/windows are opened and closed, detected and logged, but no alarm sounds at all and no alerts are sent.
  • House and security: only doors/windows open and close, detected and logged, but the alarm sounds and you get alerts.
  • Departure and security: any movement as well as the opening and closing of doors/windows are detected and recorded. An alarm sounds and alerts are sent.

You can change these settings a bit. To get started, open the Nest app on your phone and tap the Settings button (gear icon) in the top right corner of the screen.

Click «Security» at the bottom of the list.

On the Security page, tap the Security Levels setting.

From here there are a few things you can change around. We’ll start by touching on the «Quiet Open» setting.

This is a feature that allows you to open a door or window without setting an alarm when the system is set to Home & Security. You simply press a button on the nest detection sensor and you have 10 seconds to open a door or window without setting an alarm.

After clicking on the «Quiet Open» option, this section expands and you can click on the toggle switch to turn it on or off.

After that, tap the «Motion Detection» setting.

This setting allows you to enable or disable all motion detection features when the system is set to Away and Protected.

Disabling this setting might be a good idea if you have cats or other animals that jump on furniture and have probably turned off the alarm. Be aware, however, that disabling this will completely disable motion detection at all security levels.

Finally, tap the «Reduced Motion Sensitivity» setting.

If you just have a small dog that doesn’t cause much trouble and won’t move around much, you can turn this setting on instead to prevent false alarms by pressing the toggle switch to turn it on or off.

Keep in mind that if you enable this setting, motion detection will still be enabled for anything larger than a small dog, and it’s probably a good idea to be wary of any false alarms.

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