doorbell ring smart, wireless connected device, so it’s worth the reason you should be in able to make it work with other connected home devices. While you can add your doorbell to a Google Home smart speaker, its options are somewhat limited. Below is how to set up a connection, and exactly what you can do with your Ring and Google Home after the setup is complete.

Does Ring work with Google Home?


Internet of Things promises a lot of interaction between different smart and connected devices, but for two devices to work well together, they are like rule, should be developed from the very beginning of connecting and sharing information. As Google and Ring (owned by Amazon) compete with each other when it comes to «smart doorbell» products, Google has not missed an opportunity to make Google Home compatible with Ring, and thus the ability for Ring and Google Home to work together is somewhat limited. For example, you cannot view video from the Ring doorbell on Google Home Hub or broadcast it to Google Chromecast .

However, the two devices can work together. Once connected, you can ask Google Home to perform various tasks with Ring. In particular:

  • You can turn motion alerts on or off.
  • You can turn the ringtone on or off.
  • You can ask Ring to tell you the last time your doorbell rang.
  • You can tell Ring to start recording video (after which it will record for 30 seconds and then turn off automatically).
  • You can ask Ring for information about the status and status of your doorbell and Google Home will report the current battery level.

How to add a doorbell to Google Home

Before you get started, make sure you have these three apps installed on your phone:

  • Google Home : you can download Google Home for iPhone or Google Home for Android .
  • Google Assistant : you can download Google Assistant for iPhone . If you have an Android phone, Google Assistant may already come preinstalled. If not, download Google Assistant for Android .
  • Ring app : You can download Ring for iPhone or Ring for Android .
  1. In a web browser on your desktop or laptop, open Google Assistant Ring services web page .

  2. At the top of the page, select Send to Device .

    Send to device button in Windows
  3. Select the Google Home device you want to connect to the ring from the drop-down menu.

    Office Speaker Home Device
  4. You should be notified on your phone that you need to link Google to your Ring account.

  5. Click on the notification and complete the process by entering your username and password on the login form.

    Notification Assistant, Login Button, Authorization Button on iOS
  6. The installation process is complete — you can now access Ring from Google Home.

If you wish, you can open the Call Services page on your mobile phone. Instead of a browser window, it will open in the Google Assistant app and from there you can click Link, to connect the Ring doorbell to Google Home.

How to use your doorbell with Google Home

Now that it’s set up, you can communicate with Ring through your Google homepage. You can say, «Hey Google, talk to Ring.» After Google Home accesses Ring, you will hear Ring asking what you want to do. At this point, you can say any of the following:

If you prefer, you don’t have to start saying «talk to Ring». Instead, you can say «Hey Google, ask Ring…» and run the request depending on what you’d like Ring to do from the above list of tasks.

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