If you use multiple calendars daily and also If you’re using Google Home, then you know how annoying it is that Google Home doesn’t display all of your calendars when you ask about your day. Fortunately, this is changing.

Google is currently rolling out a feature that allows Google Home to view all imported calendars, including iCal. So you can share your Apple calendar with your Google Calendar and get it as part of your daily briefing.

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However, this feature is still being rolled out, so it’s not yet available to everyone. When it becomes available to you, here’s how you can add those calendars. And the process is the same on both iOS and Android.

First, open the Google Home app. Open the menu and select Advanced Settings.

Scroll down a bit and tap the Calendar menu.

This displays a list of all your active calendars — click «Show More» to see the rest.

This list shows all available calendars, including imported and iCal calendars. If you don’t see them, this feature is not yet available in your account. To add a calendar to your home, simply check the box next to its name.

From now on, Google Home will report this data along with your Google calendars when you ask about your day.

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