Daydream View has taken mobile VR a step further by introducing a remote control that lets you interact with apps and experiences. This remote is essential for many tasks in the Daydream app and adds layers to the types of games you can play. However, if your remote is not charging, then you are in a rotten situation. Fortunately, although this problem is extremely annoying, there is a fairly simple way to fix it.

What’s happening

After you play for a while, there will be no juice in your remote. It’s just the way things work. When your controller finally dies, all you need to do is plug it into a charger so the 220mAh battery can recharge. When you plug in your controller, you should see indicator lights pop up to show that your controller is receiving power. However, if your controller completely dies, these indicator lights may not appear.

After your controller has had time to charge, you unplug it and try to get back into VR, except the remote still insists it’s dead and won’t connect properly to your Daydream headset.

What to do with it