If you want the Daydream experience, at least right now, you need to buy the Daydream View headset. With the arrival of Daydream support for the Galaxy S8 this summer, it won’t be ideal for some. Many Galaxy S8 owners already have a great VR headset that can be easily used for Daydream, and it comes free with the phone. The only thing missing from the headset to complete Daydream is a Google motion controller.

The only way to get this controller right now is to buy the full VR kit from Google, and now the sales volume of Gear VR headsets in the world needs to change.

There’s something of an unspoken secret about Google Daydream — the headset is really just a plush version of Google Cardboard. There is no additional hardware in the headset, all the magic of Daydream lies in the software thanks to Google’s stringent hardware requirements. The only hardware that is actually required for Daydream to work is the Bluetooth wand you get with Daydream View, the Daydream controller. Google has made this controller a standard and said that any company can make Daydream headsets as long as this controller is enabled.