What : Fox apps may not work on Roku devices as of January 31, just before the Super Bowl goes online

How : without a new distribution agreement, Roku will remove Fox apps from their devices at the end of the month

Why do you care : if you plan on watching a big game on your Roku via Fox and a cable subscription, you will need to find another alternative

Roku Ultra (top) and Roku Streaming Stick (bottom)
Lifewire / Robert Silva

If in this weekend you were hoping to log into the Fox app on your device Roku to catch a big game on a cable subscription, you might be out of luck.

How informs The Verge Fox and Roku’s distribution agreement ends at the end of January, and they were unable to reach an agreement. Typically, you log into the Fox app with your cable subscription to stream the Super Bowl at no extra charge. Without apps on Roku, you won’t be able to do this.

Luckily, there are many other ways to stream the Super Bowl.

As is often the case in such negotiations, both companies blame the other. According to Gizmodo Roku claims that Fox has turned down a proposed deal extension. Fox claims Roku is to blame in a tweet which says that essentially only Roku can delete apps.

While this is more than likely just posturing, the end result could be the inability to stream the game through Fox apps (e.g. Fox Now, Fox Sports, Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Soccer, Big Ten Network, Fox Nation).

If you’re in the mood for game streaming, you can look at Hulu YouTube, PlayStation Vue, Fubo or Sling TV or use Fox apps on Apple TV or other devices. You may even be able to watch the broadcast through a TV antenna if you have one.

Ultimately, it won’t have too much of an impact on Roku and Fox users if you prepare yourself for a different way of watching the game this weekend.

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