Updated September 18, 2017.

Halloween is awfully fun, but the costumes can get a little repetitive: zombies are dead, vampires suck, and witches so passive . If you’re looking to make a costume out of this world, check out some of these futuristic delights — I guarantee you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Freaky: EL Stick Man

Affordable and easy to power with conventional AA batteries, electroluminescent lighting has only one color and cannot be changed later, but there are two main types that make EL uniquely useful. With EL Wire easiest to work with, but EL panels can be more showy and can be cut into different shapes. On the other hand, while traditional LEDs are visible during the day, EL lighting really needs to be dark, and they can be prohibitively expensive for large suits compared to LEDs.

The relatively easy first draft of EL wire is the classic stickman. You will need a black zentai suit or black clothing that you don’t mind sewing on, and two lengths of 9ft EL wire in your chosen color. CoolNeon.com sells everything you need and has a great wiring diagram. Creating an intricate face design like the one shown in the video below will take a bit of effort, but a simple circle around your face can still be effective.


It’s time to face the truth: the future is not bright, it is completely bleak and dirty. No sparkling neon, no shiny latex, just browns and grays of utility and functionality born of necessity in an apocalyptic world after radioactive fallout. The Fallout video game series epitomizes this grim prospect, with the NCR Ranger from the New Vegas series making a particularly scary version of the future soldier. Get ready now because the end is near.

JayCosplay — Deviant Art

Most of the parts can be 3D printed and you’ll find links to them and more in this Fallout-themed All3DP printable list. Finish off the look with some leather gloves, a brown trench coat, and plenty of weathering.

Don’t have a 3D printer? Our current selection from the group original Prusa i3 MkII — if you can afford the price $900 . Otherwise, capable printers can be bought at just for 300 dollars . You can also access a 3D printer through your library or college. However, while printing small trinkets is very economical, printing large items such as armor will add up quickly. 1kg of plastic filament costs about $20, but you should double or triple that if you don’t have your own printer.

retro futurism

The idea of ​​the pop culture of the future, as seen in the 1960s, was mostly about copious amounts of spandex, bubble helmets, any plastic and holographic or silver materials. Instagram User, tellloveandparty Great dealt with this task :

For DIY moms who need a little guidance, Simplicity 2796/3361 suggested for the most typical baby astronaut costume, although they are already printed, so you will have to trace the copy.

space suit kids

You can add some thick pipes to any silver dress or suit to show you’re from the future — a style that heavily influenced Cyberdog clothing:

Futuristic Halloween Costumes That Blow Their Minds

For the DIY version, start with an imported holographic skater dress from AliExpress ($20 but enough time for shipping) and build pipelines on it.


Inspired by early video games of that era, did you know that Tron was also one of the first films to use CGI? Regardless of the rather weak plot, there’s no denying that the costumes were iconic. You can’t go wrong with a bodycon jumpsuit paired with glowing EL panels for this authentic Tron Legacy look. Adafruit has an extensive set of guides for working with tricky EL material. Be careful — soldering is required!

Created by Suzy

To create your costume, here is a great video tutorial from Camrin William.

If the thought of EL-wire stitching isn’t your cup of tea, Artifice Clothing has a line of Tron-inspired items, but you’ll need to be under UV/black light to get the full effect.


Universal Cyberpunk/CyberGoth

Nowadays, when we think about what people will wear in the future, most of us imagine the electronic music club scene of the early 2000s: cyberpunk and cyber ravers. It is a complex style with very few references in common culture. If you don’t have a specific character in mind, get creative with these basic elements:

Neon Lots of neon. UV reactive accessories, fishnet tights and PVC everything.

random tubes, connecting random cybernetic implants.

Melell, Deviant Art (Photo by Benny Lee)

Discarded outline or installed on you like a biohack body fashion, or pulled from the wastelands and worn as jewelry. A discarded hard drive is the perfect place to restore chains and more.

Increase in vision like this one from Dominic Alvin Design. Google Glass has stopped working because it was ahead of its time, I say.


Neopixel LEDs are individually addressable LED pixels that have truly revolutionized the costume making hobby. The costume’s lighting design is impressive enough, but Neopixels can be programmed. Each LED can have a unique color and brightness, resulting in incredible animations. It’s no secret that I love Neopixels. Check ambilight giant pixel display and sound reactive cloud lamp cloud lamp cloud lamp that I built with them.

some kind of mask because, obviously, the air in the future does not breathe. The Adafruit gas mask uses several 3D printed parts, a pair of goggles, as well as Neopixel and EL Wire rings. There is also a laser module in one of the eyepieces, but you can skip that.

LEDs in your hair, only because . This stunning Cyberfalls wig, also from Adafruit, was made using approximately 20 meters of white and silver crinoline tubing, as well as a strip of Neopixel LEDs.

cyber falls wig

The undisputed king of cyberpunk apparel and accessory retail is Cyberdog, located in London’s recently renovated Camden Market. It’s worth a visit if only for inspiration. Along with the incredible range of clothing, your mind may be blown away by the incredible prices.

Combine cyberpunk and Harajuku fashion to get the Japanese «Uchuu Kawaii-kei» which means «cosmic cute style». You’ll find lots of pink and neon blue vinyl, random heart appliqués, giant pink buttons, and purple fur. Check out the inspirational photos in the KissMeKillMe.fr gallery archive. We think anyone with basic sewing skills should be able to pull this look together.

And on that note, we’ll leave you to get creative. Check out our list of spooky Halloween makeup ideas. for even more costume inspiration.

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