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You have come to the right place. We’ve compiled some of the best IFTTT recipes that are automatically posted to your Facebook account. All this is practical. Some may even become hysterical.

What is IFTTT?

Before we get started, let’s sum up what IFTTT or «If this, then this» can do. The free service allows regular users to create chains of assertions called «recipes» that are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Available online and through apps, IFTTT works with many smart products. including those from Fitbit, Philips, Withings and more.

How to do it

In this post, you will be adding new and existing recipes to your IFTTT account. To get started, you need to sign up for a free IFTTT account through the company’s website or through iTunes on the Google Play IF app for iOS and Android.

The ideal way to add or create an IFTTT recipe is to use the IF app. Most likely, the recipe you are looking for has already been added. If not, then creating a new recipe is relatively easy.

To find a recipe, go to the IF app and select the recipe icon in the top right corner of the screen. Next to «My Recipes», click the «+» button. This action brings up the Services Offered screen. Find the service you would like to use. If you have not yet connected the service to IFTTT, you need to do so by clicking on the service link and then selecting Connect and follow any additional instructions. (You are often asked to verify using your smart product credentials.)


Once connected, you’ll see a list of «Popular Recipes» that use the service you just added. You can also select recipes from the Featured and Collections tabs or from the Search icon in the top right corner of the screen.

To create a new recipe, go to the IF app and select the recipe icon in the top right corner of the screen. Then, next to My Recipes, click the + button, which will open the Services Offered screen. Select Create Recipe at the bottom of the screen.

From here, you’ll create an IF/Then statement. Click the «+» after «If» and then select a service.

For example, select «Date and Time» under «Services Offered». On the next screen, click Create Recipe. In the «Select a trigger» section, select «Every day at». Select 9 a.m. and then Next. Now select the «+» after «Then» and select the service. Select Facebook. In the Choose an Action section, select Generate Status Message.

On this next page, add text to the status message field and select Next.

You will now see a summary of the recipe you just created. In this case, you will see «If every day at 9 am, then create a status message on the timeline of (your name).» Schedule the recipe by clicking Done.

Now it’s time to add some Facebook status recipes.

Get Ready or Laugh Trying

Are you tired of Facebook friends bragging about their latest 5K triumph? Do you need a little motivation to stick to your exercise or sleep plan? The following IFTTT recipes will do the trick.

For Fitbit users


With the Step Daily Goal Reached recipe, your friends will know when it’s time to celebrate with you. Conversely, if the goal is not achieved, tell your friends about the motivation «, this can help you cross the finish line. This recipe alerts your friends when a particular goal is not reached by a certain time during the day.

Are you not a morning person? Try » If the goal is not achieved, tell your friends about the motivation. With this recipe, when you sleep less than a certain number of hours, you can warn your friends that you will be irritated today.


With these Fitbit-based recipes you can add personalized messages to make them more unique.

For example, with Daily Goal Achievement, you can add «I’m the boss» or «I’m in control» to the message. When the message «If the goal is not achieved, tell your friends about motivation» appears, you can add «It was a bad day» or «Don’t hate me» to the message. Add «I need caffeine» when you’re not getting enough sleep.

Be creative, the choice is yours.

Other fitness tracker options

Do you use a Misfit tracker? Try the “If you reach your daily goal, then post a holiday message on Facebook” recipe.

How about Jawbone UP? Use Post your Jawbone UP activity to Facebook in graphical form. (goal is 10,000 steps)» or «Tell your friends when I haven’t trained in a week. Nothing is more embarrassing than a motivator! »

Location, Location

Thanks to the GPS capabilities of your smartphone, IFTTT always knows where you are. Use this information to automatically send a status message.


Here’s one of our favorites: Let Your Friends Know You’re Back in Town. With this recipe, when you return to the exact location (perhaps within the city), your friends will know about it.

Go to Starbucks often? “Sharing stupid Starbucks photos when you connect to Starbucks WiFi” is a great recipe, and a fun one too.

coffee bean

Do you want something even funnier? Create a Facebook recipe that will alert your friends every time you visit your favorite bar or coffee shop and include the comment «I opted for a liquid diet today.»

Time Based Recipes

You can also send Facebook status messages that run at specific times of the day or year. For example, you can add «If it’s 6am! Then create good morning greetings on Facebook! ”Wish your friends a great new working day.


“I wish you all a Happy New Year! and “Celebrate the 4th of July with your Facebook friends” once a year.

Chances and Ends

There are other Facebook-related recipes that don’t fit into the category. Among our favorites:

Whenever your android phone battery to go below 15 percent, alert your friends: «If the battery is almost empty, write to Facebook». Add a colorful message like «Oh my God, my phone is about to die!? What am I doing!??»


With «If a new track is added to the playlist, then post a status update on Facebook», everyone will always know about the Spotify ringtones that interest you. «Update your Facebook status with songs you listen to on Echo» same goes for Amazon Echo users.

Love winter time? “If snow is expected tomorrow, create a status telling everyone that snow is forecast! This is the recipe for you.

Do you have sweets? With «Post a Facebook status message any time someone reaches for a cookie jar,» you can let it happen every time you break down and eat a snack. This recipe works with the WeMo motion detector.

IFTTT is a great tool to send automated messages to your Facebook account. They can take many forms, including those caused by your training program, time of day, or your location. Each one is easy to add. The biggest hurdle is deciding which ones to use.

What recipes would you like to use for Facebook?

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