While the HTC Vive was only released earlier this year, the number of games available for the platform is growing exponentially. If you’ve just picked up your headset, choosing titles from the SteamVR library becomes more and more difficult. We have compiled our favorite games that you should first choose for your HTC Vive.

Job Simulator

Virtual reality is a platform designed to disconnect you from the real world, so the last place you expect to be is working in a virtual office. Somehow, Job Simulator manages to shake up that mindset by adding nice features to the most tedious tasks.

I never thought that I would enjoy manual labor, but Job Simulator manages to add excitement to the most mundane jobs. Taking on the role of a chef, auto mechanic, office worker, or salesman, players are tasked with fulfilling customer orders.

These tasks only act as a guide, and some of Job Simulator’s greatest moments can be experienced when you avoid these activities. Playing with only minor guidance and no time limits encourages players to be creative and experience all the environment has to offer.

Job Simulator is currently available for $29.99 through the Steam Store, however, it is often provided as a free title along with the purchase of an HTC Vive.

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