Find a new use for your Wii. If your motion control console collects more dust than high scores, don’t worry, you can easily teach it new tricks.

The Wii and each game console is a computer connected to a TV. By default, this means little — you can only use the Wii to do what Nintendo intended — but with a little imagination and (sometimes) a bit of non-Nintendo-approved code, you can do whatever you want while browsing your digital video collection. to control your computer with VNC.

You will need LetterBomb to jailbreak your Wii. for most of these ideas, but don’t panic: the process is simple and mostly safe.

There’s a lot you can do with your Wii; here is a short list.

1. Turn your Wii into a media center

Your Wii is permanently connected to your TV; your computer probably isn’t. So it makes sense to use the Wii to play videos on your TV — which is why Netflix is ​​increasingly what people use their Wii for.

You can also use your Wii to play your personal digital music and movie collection. WiiMC is the best media center software for Wii. and it’s only a click or two if you already have the Homebrew browser set up.

uses for old wii

Sit back and view. WiiMC can view media over the network or stored on an SD card or USB hard drive. and also play DVD!

2. Use your Wii to play DVDs

One more thing about the WiiMC above: it can play DVDs. This won’t work on newer Wiis, but if you bought your Wii early, you have a DVD player.

3. Control your PC with WiiVNC

You know about VNC: it’s one of the easiest ways to take complete control of another computer, mouse keyboard, and everything else.

However, it’s not just about computers: you can also install VNC on your Wii. What you do with it is up to you, but it’s a quick way to put what’s on your computer on your TV. It also allows you to control your computer with the WiiMote without having to communicate with Bluetooth.

4. Explore the world with WiiEarth

Love to explore the world with software like Google Earth? With WiiEarth, you can do the same from your couch using just your WiiMote.

This service uses map data from Google Maps and Bing; press button 2 on the WiiMote to switch between options if something doesn’t work. This is a great way to quickly show someone how easy it is to see what your city looks like from the sky.

5. Install emulators to play classic games

The Virtual Console means that Wii users already have access to a vast library of classic console and arcade games, but the catalog can be a little underwhelming at times. Don’t worry: with a little work, you can get a lot more work than this.

I showed you great emulators that you can run on your Wii ; follow this guide and you will be able to emulate all classic consoles from Genesis to NES to Game Boy Advanced.

alternate usage for the Wii

If you prefer one-click adventure on PC, try ScummVM for Wii . The Wiimote is perfect for these games, so there’s no reason not to try them on your Wii. Live one of the best gaming adventures ever!

6. Launch the DOS software on your Wii

Speaking of experiencing some of the best gaming adventures: DOS! Just a word reminiscent of a lot of classic games from the 90s.

With DOSbox for Wii, you can make these classic games work on your Wii. .

uses for old wii

You’ll need a USB keyboard to get things going, and a working knowledge of DOS commands will help a lot.

Other uses

But wait… that’s not all! Here are a few other homebrew programs that might give you something new,

Of course, this is just an example of what your Wii can do: there is a lot more quality homebrewing software out there, and if you know what you’re doing as a programmer, you could probably earn more. The only real limit is the imagination.

If you also have a Wii successor, check out how to make the Wii U useful with homebrew useful with homebrew useful with homebrew

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