What is Google Daydream and Google Daydream View?

Daydream is a new way to watch games and videos on your phone. Instead of looking down at the screen and swiping your fingers across the screen, you can put your phone in a custom-made headset and experience an immersive 360-degree experience that lets you really step into the world instead of watching it on a small screen.

daydream view is the first headset created for the Daydream platform. It is comfortable enough for anyone to wear for a long time, even if you wear prescription glasses. It also comes with a dedicated controller that allows you to move your hand in the real world and see that movement in the virtual world while you’re wearing the headset.

This is Google’s first attempt at a more comfortable way to experience VR, and it’s been designed to withstand drops and bumps without issue. You can take this headset with you almost anywhere and enjoy VR apps and games wherever you are. The front panel folds down, you place your Daydream Ready phone in the opening and close the panel. The connection between the phone and the headset is wireless, and the headset is equipped with an automatic alignment system that ensures a clear image on the display. It’s not much easier than Daydream View, and when you put your head in, the whole world is replaced with a virtual one.

What can I do in Daydream?

There really is no limit to what can be done in Daydream. By using Google Play Movies, you can watch movies on a huge projected screen, watch news stories like you’re standing right where the action is with CNN VR, or jump to photos you’ve taken on your phone with VR Photos.