When Kickstarter Launched a Nutrient Solution Designed to Replace Normal Foods, They Laughed . After some reviewers praised Soylent (named after the film of the same name, Soylent Green), they sat stunned. Clones soon appeared. Now start gain momentum custom recipes — of which my favorite is Folk Chow 3rd generation designed for user Soylent.me max. It aims to make Soylent affordable with the usual ingredients sourced from Amazon.

There are many variations on People Chow 3.0, but the mild tortilla-flavored 3.0.1 build looks both nutritious and delicious. Production costs about $3.50 a day – buying in bulk can cut costs even further. The average American spends about $8 on their daily food needs — with questionable nutrition. While I am by no means a nutritionist, People Chow meets all of the daily requirements set by the US Food and Drug Administration.

So is People Chow worth watching or is it just another healthy food fad? If you are more interested in diet, you might be better off with these meal planners. food and lighten the diet with food. This is food and lighten the diet with food -.

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  • Masa Harina: You can find Masa Harina for less money from a local source. But for $1.99 with $7.98 shipping, you can save yourself a trip to your local specialty store. This adds a tortilla-like flavor to the cocktail.
  • Now Foods 100% Whey Protein Isolate: You can also find whey protein for less, but finding a highly concentrated protein does save money. Whey is a by-product of milk-based cheese production.
  • GNC Mega Men Sport (Vanilla Flavored): This particular ingredient adds flavor, protein, trace minerals, and essential amino acids.
  • Potassium Citrate: Potassium citrate adds many micronutrients to the mix.
  • Iodized Salt: Salt is available anywhere. Your body requires quite a lot of salt. And while you can get it mostly in any other product, if People Chow is your only source of nutrition, you’ll also need some kind of salt supplement.
  • Choline Bitartrate: Choline supports brain function and is often used along with a racemate stack.
  • Soybean Oil: Some users replace soybean oil with olive oil (which I would recommend, especially if you are of European descent). Coconut oil offers the best flavor at a slightly higher cost.

Exact amounts and ratios required can be found on the People Chow recipe page.

After some experimentation, I removed masa harina, soybean oil, and only drank People Chow once a day to keep the solids in my diet. The mechanical action of chewing food also generates saliva, which remineralizes your teeth. It’s hard to imagine what an all-liquid diet can do for dental health.

Also, I add kale, spinach, blueberries, and lemons by mixing them into liquid manure (always mix the most fibrous materials first to improve consistency). Fresh fruits and vegetables provide better flavor than Masa Harina.

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Hardware Required

There’s no getting around it: you need a blender to make Chow People. Otherwise, the suspension will suffer from the pieces of powders used in its manufacture. In short, all powders are mixed inside the blender. Extra liquid is added (some use unsweetened almond milk).

Please note that these ingredients make up a whole day’s food. Someone using a People Chow recipe will most likely split the servings into three separate servings. Separating each part may require a measuring scoop or digital scale. Most free-flowing powders contain a scoop, including serving sizes, but since you may need to divide each serving, more accuracy may be required.

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Cost: let them eat cake?

In May 2014, the average adult male spends about $55.90 a week on food, according to the USDA. Parts of the People Chow cost about $24.50 per week. Although unusual, the diet offered by DIY projects such as People Chow could become an economical means of feeding millions of the poor and unemployed living in urban settings.

A common problem in low-income housing is limited access to nutritious food. Often, getting cheaper, better food requires transportation from the city center, where rents and crime tend to rise. People Chow makes this easy by allowing local shipping and free shipping on select items using Amazon Prime.

let them eat the cake called people eat

Health problems

I haven’t experienced any health issues using a recipe similar to People Chow. However, out of 1,000 comments posted on the People Chow recipe, some reported digestive issues and overt allergic reactions. Some have experienced flatulence. Others have suffered from, sometimes temporary, loose stools. A «detox» period (which is a medical indication) is reported when users report symptoms similar to ketosis — when the body begins to burn fat.

There are also health warnings for some of Chow’s constituents. For example, choline bitarate can cause complications for anyone with hypertension, heart, kidney, or thyroid disease, mental illness, prostate problems, depression, stroke, or seizures. Choline can cause side effects when taken in combination with certain medications. If you are taking ANY medication, you should check with your health care professional before eating with humans. .

For those who are considering chow chow people, I would recommend buying in smaller quantities and gradually transitioning to a diet Even for those who do not use drugs, you should definitely consult with a healthcare professional . While People Chow meets all FDA-recommended nutritional requirements, your individual needs may vary.



I have seen improvements in energy, mental focus and some weight loss. However, I never went to the People Chow. In addition, I already do daily physical exercises. So your results may be very different from mine.

The Chow people occupy a niche in modern culture — one that goes beyond traditional notions of food — or is it a fad? I would argue that new nutritional innovations are critical to the future of humanity. Given the current agricultural production, the current population growth rate is beyond our ability to feed them. I don’t know if People Chow or other nutritional suspensions like Soylent will meet humanity’s growing need for livelihood. However, cheap, high-quality food is what we need, and eventually markets may stock up someday.

What do you guys think? I know it sounds weird — and it’s potentially unhealthy — but can DIY Soylent feed millions? Or is it just another freaky quirk?

Image Credit: cake via Morguefile.com; Blender via MorgueFile.com

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