Over the past couple of years I have traveled a lot and have taken all my work with me. I have worked from the funniest and most beautiful places across North America and Europe. My office was where I installed my computer. And for a while, my desktop felt right at home. And then I broke the screen of my laptop. Disaster!

What do you do when you depend on your laptop; look for information, submit work and meet deadlines? Well, I’m here to tell you that you will survive. A broken screen is certainly not the end of the world, and it’s less of a pain than a broken hard drive anyway.

A laptop is such a compact device that the failure of one part renders the whole device useless. However, it is built on a modular basis. Consequently, many parts of it can be fixed or upgraded, including the hard drive. and RAM . With a broken screen, it’s not that easy, but it can still be fixed. But this is not the only solution.

broken screen

Your Options

When your laptop display breaks, you have several options. You can connect the device to an external monitor, fix the display, or buy a new laptop. If you read my article on consumption and e-waste, then you will consume you will consume you already know what I did.

Attaching an external monitor

I needed to work and was afraid to work from my old netbook, so I decided to connect an external monitor to my laptop. I had to go and buy one first, but I wanted a second monitor anyway, so it didn’t really matter. Using an external monitor is a quick fix that saves you time. At least it lets you check if everything is ok with the laptop.

If you don’t have a spare monitor at home, you can borrow one from a friend, buy it used, or get a good deal at your local store; TFTs are not that expensive. You can even find freebies through local classifieds like CraigsList. If you decide to buy a new TFT be sure to get a model that works for you, even if you end up repairing your laptop or getting a new one later.

Broken Screen Repair

Now that the screen is broken, you have nothing to lose. After connecting an external monitor, you will probably find that the display gets in the way. At least that was my experience so I removed it…

Busted - How to deal with a broken laptop screen

… and used a headless laptop for a short time. Suddenly a webcam is so much more useful! I think they should build laptops with webcams that can be pulled out. I really liked having a webcam on a string.

Busted - How to deal with a broken screen on a laptop?

When you remove the display, don’t be afraid, but be careful. Try not to break anything and document your every step. This will help you put things back together.

Pay special attention to how wired cables are, such as screen, webcam, and antenna cables. Also remember to write down the order in which you removed the parts, where you released the screws (if any), and which ones went where. Finally, be sure to keep all the details together and keep them in a safe place.

Busted - how to deal with a broken screen on a laptop

To be honest, I didn’t document the disassembly. When reassembling the display, twice it happened that I found errors a few steps down, meaning I had to go back and do them again and again. It’s exciting because breaking something when you put in a new display would be real drama.

Busted - how to deal with a broken screen on a laptop

But before you can think about putting it all together, you first need to find a replacement display. I thought it would be difficult, but in the end it is not. Look at the back of the broken screen for the model number. Mine was LP156WF1 and it was an LG display. You can use this number to find a replacement part.

Using the model number, I searched on eBay and found several sellers who were selling brand new displays. My Full HD 15.6″ display cost €77 (around $100) plus shipping. In the US, you will get the best deal. I ordered and two days later the display appeared.

Busted - How to deal with a broken laptop screen

If you were smarter than me and documented the disassembly, reassembly would be a breeze. It will still take some time; just be patient and remember to breathe. At the end, you will get your old laptop back!

broken screen

Buying a new laptop

Personally, I think it’s radical to buy a brand new laptop if you just have a broken screen. Since my laptop was only a year old, this is not an option at all. However, if your laptop is old and you still want to replace it, do so.

Before removing the old one, please note that you can save a few valuable parts that are still working, such as a hard drive or RAM. Whatever is left after you’ve removed useful parts should be recycled. E-waste contains a bunch of rare materials that don’t end up in landfills or incinerators. Please recycle!

Take home message

A broken laptop display can be fixed, and it’s not that hard. You can even take a photo while replacing a damaged smartphone display. or how to recover data from a hacked phone !

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