PlayStation 4 Pro

Update 4.5 for the PlayStation 4 Pro consoles added a Boost Mode feature that was designed to provide more processing and GPU power for existing games that were not going to be upgraded to a more functional «enhanced» mode. For regular PS4 games, this Boost Mode offers a slight drop in stability to keep everything looking stable throughout the experience. There was some hope that this new feature would offer something extra for PlayStation VR games, our research shows that this will not happen.

Most of the games that have benefited from this Boost Mode feature have experienced things that cannot happen in PlayStation VR games. Boost Mode captures underperforming games at 30fps or 60fps, making games look consistently better in all kinds of gameplay. But PlayStation VR games come with a performance requirement, they must play either at 60fps redesigned to 120fps or at the original 90fps and 120fps. This is very bad for the user experience, especially for those who are prone to nausea if the frame rate in a VR game stutters, so Boost Mode will never help for this kind of experience.