Fitness VR

Sometimes you need motivation to work and there is no problem with that. All it takes is a distraction to make exercise feel less like work and more like fun, and VR can be perfect for those distractions. All you really need is an exercise that you are comfortable repeating and you are good to go!

We have a couple of ideas on how you can use VR to make this exercise more fun or less work-like. Choose the one that works best for you and go for it!

At Netflix we believe

Netflix VR

Many gyms have TVs to help distract you, but that doesn’t mean you actually want to watch something. Exercising from home gives you extra control, but it’s not always easy to work out in the same room with all the goodies in your home theater. Sometimes you need a video solution that travels with you, and in VR you can block out everything and just focus on the video in front of you while you push through your workout.

The app choice here is obviously Netflix. It’s the only VR video app that lets you adjust your video to head movement so you can jump between exercises without losing what you’re watching. It’s also worth betting that you won’t be short of watching Netflix anytime soon, so you can continue this routine for months without problems.

Netflix VR is currently available for Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream, which means you can take your VR anywhere and work the way you like!

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