When it comes to finding great Gear VR games, the Oculus Store has tons of great content across all genres. Whether you’re short on money at the moment and looking for a fun new game, or you’re new to VR and trying to make things easier in the water, it’s easy to find fun new games available for free. There’s actually an entire category dedicated to free games and apps and we’ve gone through it to find the gems you should check out!

Night sky

When you start, you sit next to a crackling fire under a blanket of stars. Using the Gear VR controller, you can connect the stars in different constellations. When you do this, these constellations will come to life in the sky around you. It’s fun, quirky, and a great lightweight game for anyone new to Gear VR.

The game uses the power of the Gear VR controller and manipulator, which is easy to use even if you are not used to virtual reality. Those constellations that come alive? They are fantastic and fun to look at, and range from birds flying around to a pirate ship gliding through the clouds.

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