Oculus Go and Gear VR are very similar, the main difference is that Oculus Go doesn’t require you to put your phone in it. This is generally a good thing as it makes it easy to share Oculus Go with friends and allows people to use VR that don’t have Samsung’s flagship phones, but you lose the ability to easily view your Android apps in a VR headset when you pick up the phone.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the Android app on your Oculus Go. It’s not as easy as Samsung Phonecast, but you can use our guide to help you download Android apps on Oculus Go.

After reading this guide, you will want to install some applications. Here are the best Android apps to add to your Oculus Go. The ability to download apps is new, unfortunately not all apps work. For example, I downloaded Crunchyroll, the Android version of Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, and although they were «successfully installed» according to my command line, none of them showed up on my device. Your success may vary.

You can view the apps you have downloaded either in the Unknown Sources section of your library or through your Oculus TV. Where they appear depends on the application.