Anti-theft backpack with 3-digit lock [Руководство по 2020]

Whenever you’re traveling, you’ll probably want to keep all of your belongings safe if you don’t want them to be stolen sooner or later.

That’s why anti-theft backpacks exist. Their design makes it difficult for thieves to simply swipe your backpack or anything inside it.

What’s more, some of these backpacks come with a 3-digit lock, further adding to the difficulty level. We’ve put together a list of the best anti-theft backpacks with 3-digit locks we could find so you can make a smarter choice and travel safer.

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The best anti-theft 3-digit lock backpacks I can buy


MenXu 3 Digit Anti-Theft Lock Backpack

MenXu 3 Digit Anti-Theft Lock Backpack

If you are looking for a way to travel abroad or even in your own area without fear for your belongings, then the MenXu 3-Digit Anti-Theft Backpack is just what you need.

It is elegant yet durable and can safely store many items inside thanks to the hidden zipper and 3-digit lock.


  • Durable polyester material with waterproof function
  • Secret pocket behind backpack
  • Fixed password lock
  • Secure metal zippers to keep yours safe and secure for your outing or travel.
  • High quality USB charging port allows you to charge your electronic device
  • Comfortable wide and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Multiple divider pockets keep your belongings well organized


  • Charging port issues

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