Amazon has released another piece of hardware, but it’s different from the Echo, Tap, and Dot smart speakers. The Amazon Echo Look is an Alexa-powered camera designed to give fashion tips to those in need. Healthy? Probably. Narcissistic? Definitely.

It may have started life as an online bookseller, but Amazon is much more than that these days. Not only does it sell everything you can think of, the company has its own range of equipment. Amazon didn’t launch a smart camera, not content with e-readers and smart speakers.

Alexa Targets Narcissist

The Amazon Echo Look is another Alexa-enabled smart home device. It can do everything that other Echo devices can do, but the Look is focused on photos and video, not audio. There is a small built-in speaker, but it is more suitable for listening to news and weather.

Look lets you take photos and short videos with a hands-free voice camera. You’re guaranteed to look good with LED lighting, background blur, and a depth-sensing lens. This makes it ideal for those who constantly post their photos on social media.

In addition to helping you share photos online, Look will create what Amazon calls a personalized lookbook of your various outfits. But the main draw is the style check, which allows you to compare two clothes against each other based on a combination of fashion experts and machine learning.

Amazon currently sells the Echo Look by invitation only. To receive one bag, you will need to request an invitation to purchase in order to be able to transfer $199.99 to Amazon. And then all that’s left to do is constantly critique your fashion sense by our future robot overlords.

Sharing endless selfies

The Amazon Echo Look is a rather odd offering. He is certainly not as mainstream as a speaker capable of playing any kind of music. And yet, if you’re the type of person who is obsessed with their looks and vanity to share endless selfies on Instagram, this could very well be for you.

Are you interested in Amazon Echo Look? Do you see the attraction of Alexa giving fashion advice? Do you have your own sense of style? Do you trust advice? Or do you suspect that it is intended to force you to buy new clothes? Please let us know in the comments below!

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