Instant messaging system ( IM ) has gained popularity as a way to collaborate. However, as with all forms of communication, there are rules that must be followed in order to maintain courtesy and professionalism. By adhering to these guidelines, you can use messaging productively for a better job.

Like im at work

Follow these simple rules to have pleasant, productive and effective conversations with your IM colleagues:

  1. Mind Accessibility Settings . Review the recipient’s availability settings before sending an instant message. If their status is set to «none», «in a meeting», or not available, and your request is urgent, please use another method to contact them. Conversely, always set your availability status to let others know when you are available.

  2. Looking for permission to post . Just like on the phone, when you start a chat conversation, ask if that’s the right time for the recipient. Start a conversation with something like: “Michael, do you have a minute? I have a question about last month’s financial statement. This script is useful because it requests permission to continue the conversation and mentions the subject of the request. If the recipient says they are busy, ask for the best time.

  3. Keep messages and conversations short . IM is not the place for long descriptions or complex ideas. Keep messages short and to the point. The conversation itself should also be short. If your instant messaging session lasts more than five minutes, suggest a face-to-face meeting or phone call to dig deeper into the topic.

  4. Use correct English . When sending work-related messages, please keep reduction from slang and messages to the minimum. This way of communication is not only professional, but also allows you not to be distracted by explaining slang or abbreviations to someone who does not understand these terms. Use proper English and don’t forget about punctuation and spelling.

    Consider using an online grammar checker such as Grammarly .

  5. Follow office rules . Don’t just download a messaging app on your computer. Find out which apps and platforms your company approves and use them exclusively for work.

  6. Get an alias for work . Although your friends may think that your personal alias cute or funny, you may jeopardize your professional reputation or offend some employees if you use them at work. Instead, create an easy-to-work alternative.

  7. Keep messages business-like . Communication with colleagues, managers, customers and salespeople should always be professional, even when using a normal conversation mode such as IM. Save political Pictures bright orange text and funny pictures to chat with your friends. Work with traditional fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman, and economically use emoticons . The same goes for your platform profile: Use a professional photo and only include your work-related contact information.

  8. Be careful what you write . Please note that messages can be saved to server or saved by the person you’ve been in contact with. Never write anything that could accuse you, such as swearing at a colleague or, even worse, your boss.

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