Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but you only have about a week left, so don’t panic if you don’t have any yet. The gifts you make yourself are a thousand times more meaningful than some store-bought junk. So here are 5 amazing projects to keep an eye on even if you’re not that talented in the craft department.

Create a USB digital toy

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The modern equivalent of a mixtape, you can put together your own romantic digital treasure chest filled with memories and media to evoke emotion. Here are some ideas about what to put on disk:

  • Playlist and MP3 of your favorite songs, just like a mixtape from yesteryear.
  • A slideshow or video montage of your cute moments and a «couple of selfies» from the past year. Here are a couple of creative projects you can try. !
  • A self-written erotic novel about what the two of you will be doing that night!
  • PDF tickets for a concert or flight to Hawaii (Maybe).

Try to get creative with a physical drive as well if possible — there are plenty of new USB sticks out there, so pick something that fits. (for example, greyhound dog Maybe?) You can even create your own if you’re artistically gifted. Don’t forget to rename the drive (right click -> rename to windows or right click -> get OSX info) !

Whatever you do please don’t offer via document .txt .

8-bit accessories

Any self-respecting geek loves 8-bit versions of things: this is the time when games and computers were clean . No freemium mechanic has ever graced the screens of arcade Pac-Man, and the only thing that stood between you and full control of the computer was a few lines of BASIC code. Relive that nostalgia with some 8-bit accessories made from Perler Beads, which are the most amazing craft tools since pipe cleaners.

Even a fat and hopeless buffoon like me can do something cool with these adorable things: lay out the beads on a pattern board and then use the heat of an iron to join them together. sheer. Genius.

It is easy to tie bows, ties, plaques and badges with this material. Here’s the best tutorial I’ve found, along with some really cute designs (pictured below): GlitterMint .

8 bit hair

treasure QR code

Already stocked up on plenty of silly little gifts to give your love? Make them work for it! Record a series of non-public YouTube videos to find out where to find your next gift; then encode the URLs as QR codes and leave them in your home and garden. Of course, simple text prompts can be encoded.

valentine kr

Your last clue might be something as silly as «turning around» when you’re on one knee with your wedding ring. Squeal — so romantic!

Seriously though, treasure hunting is fantastic. If you like something more complex, create a scale model with GPS coordinates. .

Upcycled Tech

You might have a box of old cables and circuit boards somewhere (I know we have piggy banks not limited to digital media.) — so geek them out with chic-cool jewelry accessories.

Techcyled is a commercial site, but it’s a good inspiration nonetheless. Cutting a pretty heart shaped chain is pretty easy — add a chain and you have a lovely cyberpunk necklace.


Unfortunately Oh! has a great pcb and usb necklace tutorial and this instruction will help you to make a motherboard bracelet. Bonus points if you can figure out how to install new LEDs and make them light up.

motherboard bracelet

Warning . Dust generated when cutting printed circuit boards can be toxic. Wear a suitable mask designed for construction work, not a cheap fabric dye mask.

love potions

Officially known as «Kegli Vodka», you can’t go wrong with sickly sugary alcohol. A label with different names: pink for a love potion, blue for mana, or green for magic if you’re a Zelda bastard, red for a health potion, etc. Simple, pretty, and the perfect little gift for the geeky drunk in your life. Are you reading this wife?!

love potions

Follow this instruction or the original recipe on MixThatDrink. It takes about 3 days to prepare, but the process is quite simple. Separate the color pins and dissolve them in vodka, then filter through coffee filter paper before bottling with orangina. If you want to be a little more stylish, try these small bottles with swing caps.

Made one of them? Or maybe you have better ideas? Let us know!

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