diy ways to keep laptop cool Laptops these days can work really hard to keep up with our demands. It’s no surprise that many of us complain about laptops overheating when we use them for gaming or other intense activities.

Are you looking for a quick DIY laptop cooling solution, a permanent home laptop cooler to protect your laptop from overheating or just a laptop cooler that looks amazing, the internet has something for you. Some come with detailed instructions, others with some vague recommendations and videos of them in action. We hope this post helps you find the perfect way to keep your laptop cool.

Type 1 — Shiny LED Laptop Cooler

These designs look great with LEDs and usually come with many fans attached to some kind of permanent structure. If none of these designs are to your liking, you can build a laptop cooling pad using Type 2 construction (below) and add LEDs as that is essentially what they are.

«Homemade» laptop cooling system

This design is simple but very effective. Selected fans have LEDs.

diy ways to keep laptop cool

DIY laptop cooler

This guide has all the details you need to build your own active laptop cooler using LED fans.

5 cool ways to make your laptop

Crazy laptop cooler

This laptop cooler comes without instructions but shows how you can use a mixture of fans and LEDs to make a great laptop cooler.

Type 2 — Basic Rigid Fan Design

Lots of ways to attach fans to your laptop stand and keep your laptop cool with minimal effort. This active laptop cooling method uses fans to blow cold air out from under (or hot air out of) your laptop. What material do you have at hand — acrylic? PVC? Plastic? Wood? Here are some great cooling ideas you will love!

DIY: laptop cooling pads

If you are good at metalworking, this cooler will be very handy.” Drill some holes, attach some fans and bend them into the perfect laptop stand.

laptop cool

Custom laptop cooling system

This is an idea for maximum cooling efficiency. It really is an exhaust system for your laptop.

laptop cool

How to make a laptop cooling pad

This stand has true elegance and simplicity. If you have the tools to work with acrylic sheets, this is a simple stand you could be proud of.

laptop cool

How to make a laptop cooling pad with 5 fans

Here is an industrial grade cooling pad with five fans and a solid metal frame. The creator goes into detail in the voice acting.

HOW-TO: Laptop cooler for less than $5!

It’s a good cheap idea to build a USB powered cooling pad using a plain black folder and some fans he salvaged from other sources.

Type 3 — Water cooled laptop coolers

For professionals willing to take the risk of mixing water and electronics (not recommended), there is a water-cooled cooling bench. This is another form of active laptop cooling where water is used to move heat elsewhere and cool it down.

Cheap laptop cooling

Water cooling a laptop is quite a complicated project and if you don’t get it right it can be very dangerous. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

best way to keep laptop cool

Type 4 — Cardboard laptop stands

If money is an issue or you just need something temporary, check out these great cardboard coasters to keep your laptop cool. Some are active and run with fans attached, while others are just passive cooling pads to keep the laptop off the table.

DIY Super Budget Laptop Cooler

Here is a simple USB powered fan cooler that uses a shoe box for the stand design.

best way to keep laptop cool

DIY Laptop Cooler with Amazing Temperature Readings *Tutorial*

Here is the basic cardboard stand and fan design that plugs into a power outlet.

best way to keep laptop cool

Build a laptop cooling pad

Here’s a no-fuss cardboard stand to simply let passive air flow under your laptop.

diy ways to keep laptop cool

Type 5 — The fastest way to make your laptop cool!

Incredibly simple passive laptop cooling idea: use plastic bottle caps and duct tape. Also try corks or erasers attached to the bottom of the laptop for a quick do-it-yourself cooling solution.

The cheapest laptop cooler in the world!

Too easy! You won’t believe you never thought about it before.

More Great Notebook Ideas

If you’re looking for great ideas for keeping your laptop in good health or looking great, check out the following articles:

And if you’re ready for your next DIY project, build your own laptop. !

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