360fly 4K

When it comes to buying a 360 camera, the big question is: what do you want to do with it? If your goal is fun group shots with friends, you probably don’t need something built for a solid montage. If you’re looking to mount a camera on the side of a motorcycle and cruise Skyline Drive at speeds that aren’t 100% within the posted speed limit, chances are you don’t want an awkward stick dangling from the side of your tank. What you are going to do with the camera matters a lot.

The 360fly has always been firmly in the action camera segment of the 360 ​​camera market, offering a compact design that mounts to anything with GoPro attachments and only requires one lens to get the desired effect. The first version of this camera is fun but more than limited, and now that the world has a 4K option, it’s time to see what’s changed with 360fly!