Want to use technology to keep your loved ones safe? Find out what SmartThings Presence can do to keep your eyes on your home.

smart home technology moved from a science fiction concept to a remarkably affordable investment. The prevalence of Wi-Fi in the home makes it easy for people to expand their home with smart devices. Products currently on the market have abandoned all gimmicks in favor of tangible functionality.

SmartThings offers a range of products designed to integrate into your home life with a focus on practicality. With your Center and Presence there is really no shortage of things you can do. Here are some helpful ideas to help you get started using SmartThings Presence to secure your home and its contents.

Animal protection


For many households, animals are as much a part of the family unit as anyone else, but it must be said that the adventurous can be harder to keep track of than their counterpart.

There was a time when a microchip implant was the right choice for any interested pet owner looking to use technology to track their companion. Now, there are plenty of other options if you want to find a non-invasive way to keep a close eye on an animal.

SmartThings Presence is primarily designed for human use, but is durable enough to withstand the active lifestyles of most dogs and cats. The device comes with a durable rubber shell that allows you to attach it to a standard collar. Once your pet wears its Presence, you need to open the SmartThings app to fine-tune how it follows your pet.


On the toolbar go to section » Home and family» and use the icon » Settings» at the top of the screen. If you didn’t set up Presence the first time, now is the time to do so by selecting Add a person, pet or car — if not, just select their name from the list.

Select Get notified when ____ comes and goes and you will see the Presence Alerts dialog box. Here you can customize the process for your pet. You can decide how and when to keep track of their comings and goings from home.


For example, I put together a setup that would work well for those who work leaving their dog at home — but would appreciate a heads-up if the pooch somehow flies through the chicken coop. So, I decided to receive notifications in case departure, not arrival.

I entered a phone number to send SMS notification if needed and indicated that this only works if my personal mode is set to » Out» .

As a result, the system sends a text message to my phone if I’m not at home, and my SmartThings Hub detects that the Presence attached to my dog’s collar has moved out of its vicinity. It’s a quick and easy way to keep an eye on your pet if you can’t do it in person, and it’s easy to customize to fit the needs of you and your pet perfectly.

Did the kids get to school on time?


It is not always possible for working parents to be present in person to follow their child’s journey to school. If your child just needs to get on the bus to get there, they can be quite self-sufficient — but you can make sure they left the house on time.

Any parent — or any son or daughter, for that matter — will tell you that a quick text to confirm a student is on their way to school is too much to ask. However, SmartThings Presence can keep you aware of the situation and your child won’t have to put in any extra effort at all. All they have to do is keep the device on them or slip it into the pocket of their school bag.

For your part, you need to set it up through the SmartThings app to make sure you only get notifications for as long as you want. First, find the correct presence device by going from toolbar to the section » home and family «. Then click the icon Settings at the top and select Get notified when ____ comes and goes.

Here, you’ll first want to specify that you only want to receive notifications for shipments, as you want to track when your child leaves home and whether you want to receive them as a text alert or just a regular notification on your smartphone. , Then select Extra options, to dive into some of the finer planning features that the SmartThings system offers.

school run

Select » Only for a certain time» and enter a range that covers the period when your son or daughter may leave home. This ensures that the Presence will only be active while they are commuting, as the notifications each time they come out the door are likely to be more of a letdown than anything else.

Then select Only on certain days of the week and select all the days your child takes the bus to school.

With all of this in place, you will be notified when the SmartThings Center detects that your child’s Presence is no longer in the home on the morning of school. If your child has their own smartphone, it’s even easier — instead of having Presence with you, you can simply connect your phone to the system and its GPS functionality will allow it to perform the same functions.

Look after your bike


Depending on where you live, cycling can be a great way to get around in terms of convenience, exercise, and contributing to the environment. However, bike theft is a common problem in metropolitan areas. and it is quite difficult for owners and authorities to deal with this.

A bicycle lock should be your first line of defense against thieves, but SmartThings Presence can be very effective in case of failure if the worst happens. Communities with lots of cyclists tend to follow each other’s bikes, and you can use SmartThings to give a missing ride an automatic signal boost.


First, set up your Presence for your bike and attach it somewhere to the frame. The device doesn’t look like a typical security measure, but it’s still best to keep it hidden if you can. For this use we are going to use the IFTTT website to link your Presence to your Twitter account. If you don’t have an account on the site, create one now.

Go to my recipes and then create recipe . Enter «SmartThings» in the search field under Trigger Channels and select it. Then find Presence no longer found in the list of interactions. Select » Presence of SmartThings» from the drop down list and click » Create trigger» .


Then select Twitter for your Action Channel and connect your account to the service. We are going to set up an automatic tweet that is sent if your bike is taken out of your home without your permission. Of course, if you prefer to use another social network, just search for it and use it instead of Twitter.

However, if you want to tweet, select Post a tweet with an image . Take a photo of your bike and add a link to it in the provided box, while simultaneously writing a tweet that alerts your followers that your bike has just been stolen — don’t forget to add hashtags for the neighborhood to make sure the locals are aware of it. for the stolen item.

This recipe will run in the background, keeping you alert when you’re away from home or even just sleeping at night — just remember to turn it off with your smartphone when you pick up your bike!

Have you heard of other new ways to use SmartThings Presence to protect your home and family? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

Image Credits: Home Insurance via Shutterstock

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