Motion sensors are already part of our lives, whether you know it or not. These little sensors are used to turn on the phone automatically when you need it. your phone automatically when you need it. your phone automatically when you They are used in simple mechanisms such as sinks in busy toilets. But you will fully understand how cool they are when they enter your home.

The motion sensor is one of the most important components of the smart creation of your home. You’d be surprised how little it costs to get a basic motion sensor. You can choose from five infrared motion sensors for just one dollar each. Motion sensors also work seamlessly with popular DIY electronic kits such as the Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

Here is a brief overview of the different ways motion detectors will make your life so much easier once you adopt them.

1. Automatically turn on the front porch light

One thing we learned from a person who has lived in a smart home for 20 years, smart home — start with something small, like a light. So your motion detector journey should also start there. The simplest setting that will bring you joy is to turn on the front porch light when you enter your property.

Smart Motion Sensors Front Porch Light

You can easily buy them online, but why buy expensive stuff when you can roll up your sleeves and make your own cheaply? Instructables user Ayush Sharma has a step by step guide on how to make a simple motion sensor easy. Total cost? $7. Obviously, this one.

2. Open the garage door automatically

Install a motion sensor at the base of your road. Connect it to your garage door opener. When your vehicle arrives, the door will open automatically. It couldn’t be easier. In fact, there is already a motion detector for garage openers. Try Genie or Chamberlain, they seem to have good reviews on Amazon.

Smart motion sensors automatically open the garage door

In addition to opening the door, you can also set up a simple automation to turn on the lights as you drive, just like the lights on your front porch.

3. «Honey, I’m home!»

Is there a garage with two car compartments? Install one motion sensor in each compartment. When your car or your partner parks in the bay, the motion sensor will detect it. Then it is enough just to connect this sensor to Raspberry Pi or Arduino to do a number of things.

Smart motion sensors Honey I Am Home

The coolest thing would be to send a message to your other half’s smartphone saying that you are at home. You can also program it to automatically turn on the lights in the house (if they are off) or turn the thermostat to the setting you want. It’s pretty easy to program and actually a fun way to learn how to code. learn to code learn to code .

4. Catch sneaky criminals

Worried about your kids sneaking out of the house after curfew? Want an alarm to see if someone has broken into the restroom? Motion sensors are the easiest way to do this. Install a sensor on each door or window. Turn them on when you go to bed. Likewise, you will be alerted every time someone enters or not when they shouldn’t.

Intelligent motion sensors

In fact, you can add a webcam and get a photo of the criminal in action! It is not at all difficult to create a homemade security camera with Raspberry Pi. and it will cost you a fraction of the purchase price of the finished product.

5. Energy saving

Your thermostat shouldn’t run overtime when you’re not at home. The lights should turn off when you leave the house. Your computer should also go to sleep. The motion sensor can do it all.

Intelligent motion sensors Thermostat Energy saving

Install a sensor at all entry points and include a simple counter script. As soon as the number of people who enter and the number of people who leave are the same, the desired energy savings can be achieved in five minutes. It’s smart technology to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of your home. technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

6. Get reminders before you leave

You leave the house. You know you’ve forgotten something your husband told you about, but you can’t remember what it is. What if he could leave you a reminder as soon as you open the door?

Intelligent motion sensors Memo Minder Reminder

Memo Minder (UK) is a motion reminder gadget. You write messages to it. When you walk past the door, it will play a message. So you can leave one message that everyone always forgets (“Did you take your keys?”) or something customized for a particular person.

In fact, this is a fantastic smart device that allows you to follow people. But doesn’t that mean we youngsters can’t use it to boost our confused memories too?

7. Start your computer and programs automatically

Imagine it. You install a motion sensor in a parking lot in your office. As soon as you move in, a message is sent to a small mailbox connected to your desktop. This window will turn on your computer and then automatically launch the programs you use regularly. auto start auto start . When you enter the office, your desktop will be ready to go!

Intelligent motion sensors automatically start the PC

There is already an easier version that you can make for yourself. Instructables user PeterSmaal made a nice box that automatically starts programs using motion detection. What you will be doing is the advanced version, but start by setting up Peter and then work your way up.

8. Make your pet’s life easier

A dog is a man’s best friend, and a smart home with a motion sensor is a dog’s best friend. If the dog is in the backyard and wants to get back in, he can activate the motion sensor to get in.

Intelligent Motion Sensors Dog Cat Pet Door

And if you’re a cat, here’s a fantastic suggestion from our Editor-in-Chief Ryan Dube:

Use the motion detection camera to send you a picture of the cat litter box after your cat has used it. You will know if it needs to be cleaned or not without actually checking every time.

If your nostrils are as weak as Ryan’s, it will be a gift from heaven. It’s time to become a smart pet owner. smart owner smart owner with the help of technology.

9. Candid portrait of your life

You’ve probably seen several of these videos and one-photo-a-day projects online. How about creating a similar video that offers a candid snapshot of your life at home?

Intelligent motion sensors

Connect the motion sensor to an unused camera. Every time someone passes by, the camera takes a picture. Pretty soon you will have a beautiful portrait of your life at home.

This is your call for where you want to mount the camera and sensor. If you put a large enough memory card in the camera and lower the resolution, you can click more than 100 photos a day for a year. Here is a short guide on how to make a homemade motion camera.

10. Check out the elderly

Older people understandably love their independence. But you obviously want to keep an eye on them if they fall at home or something.

Smart Motion Sensors Elderly

Install a motion sensor near the bed so that in the event of a fall, he can wave his hand to call for help. Or, if they’re at an age where they need help getting in and out, motion sensors are an easy way to know when they’re trying to move.

Remember that getting a motion sensor is expensive, but it will cost you a heavy conscience and big medical bills if you haven’t been around your loved one.

What is your idea of ​​motion sensor Genius?

Once you start thinking about how motion sensors can improve your life, you will have a million possibilities and ideas. Like many of them have inspired you, share your opinion with others to inspire them!

Tell us how you would use the motion sensor to make your life easier.

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