The Raspberry Pi is always a great gift for geeks. But what if they already have a pi? Well, the whole point of the Pi is that you can do something with it, so help them out with some excellent pi-centric gifts.

If you’re unfamiliar with the device, we’ve answered the most common questions about the Raspberry Pi. Most of all, you need to know that if someone you love has a pi, they will want to mess with it.

With that in mind, here are the best gifts you can give to anyone with a Raspberry Pi.

Start with basic extensions

Raspberry Pi becomes even more useful with official extensions. Touchscreens, cameras, and other Pi modules to make the microcomputer ideal for independent experiments.

Hopefully your geek friend already has one so you can get one of the other gifts below. But if they don’t, this is where you should start.

Best Raspberry Pi Gifts - 7 Inch Touch Screen

Here is a list of the main extensions:

  • 8-megapixel, 1080p camera module ($25) [ Великобритания / CA ]
  • 5MP 1080p Night Vision Camera Module ($30) [ Великобритания / CA ]
  • 2.8″ TFT touchscreen ($40) [ Великобритания / CA ]
  • 7-inch touchscreen ($75) [ Великобритания / CA ]

Your friend will probably need a few pointers, like our Pi touch screen setup guide. customize touch screen customize touch There are many resources on the internet and we have the bulk of it covered here at .

Raspberry Pi Zero

The cheapest microcomputer ever made, the Raspberry Pi Zero is a great tool for hackers and DIY enthusiasts. Even if someone already has a Pi Zero or even a Pi, the other one won’t be underestimated and makes the perfect stocking gift.

The Model Zero compares well with the big boy versions. especially for simple tasks like creating a radio. In fact, we’ve already seen some amazing Raspberry Pi Zero projects. Check it out, get inspired and grab one for your friend!

Flirc aluminum body [ Великобритания ]

Just because you received an inexpensive gift doesn’t mean it can’t look good. The Flirc Aluminum Case is one of the best Raspberry Pi cases out there that doesn’t just look good.

It is reminiscent of the Intel NUC minicomputers and would look good in any home entertainment center. The Flirc case also has a built-in heatsink, which is a big plus as the Pi can get hot when doing some tasks.

If you know your favorite geek loves Kodi and has set up the Pi as a media server Kodi media server media server there is even better news. There is a Kodi Edition available for $20.

UniPi Aluminum Case Unibody

While Flirc is great, the UniPi is arguably the prettiest Raspberry Pi case out there. It is made from a single solid aluminum block with a perforated top for heat dissipation.

Best Raspberry Pi Gifts - UniPi Aluminum Enclosure

The UniPi is great and can even be stacked on top of one another. The housing can also be wall mounted.

You should be aware that this case is not compatible with the B+ model, but it will work with others.

Swivel case for Pi and touch screen

If your Raspberry Pi isn’t permanently connected to a monitor, this touchscreen case might be the next best thing. Plus, it tilts at an angle so you can even use it with a keyboard and mouse.

10+ gift ideas for those who have Raspberry Pi pi gifts adjustable touch screen case 670x304

The case has a standard VESA mount, so you can attach it anywhere. There’s also a neat little LEGO-like building box slot. So you can attach peripherals to the case like a camera module.

Keep in mind, this is just the way it is. Display and Pi are sold separately. It works with the official Pi display, so we recommend doing so. Customize it and you can do a lot with it.

OSOYOO Pi DIY Starter Learning Kit [ Великобритания ]

There is an official Raspberry Pi starter kit, but ignore that. Most Pi users already have the necessary components. What you can give someone is the joy of learning how to experiment with your Pi.

Best Raspberry Pi Gifts - Starter Kit

Now, building your own Pi starter kit is the cheapest option. But OSOYOO put together a kit for students that is inexpensive and easy to give. The kit is for those who want to explore DIY projects with the Pi.

There are 22 different types of goods in the set, 111 items in total. It doesn’t include the Pi or the underlying components, but that’s not what we’re aiming for.

Gosin Ultra-thin Multifunctional Bluetooth Keyboard [ Великобритания ]

The Raspberry Pi 3 has built-in Bluetooth. This means that you can free up the USB port if you are using a Bluetooth keyboard. And ideally, he should have a mouse or trackpad.

Best Raspberry Pi Gifts - Gosin UltraThin Keyboard

Gosin UltraThin all-in-one is one of our top picks for a combination of wireless keyboard and multifunctional mouse It’s a gorgeous metal device with a large trackpad for downloading.

Just in case your scumbag has a non-Bluetooth Raspberry Pi, don’t worry, it also comes with a USB receiver.

Samsung Evo Plus 128 GB microSD card

The Raspberry Pi does not come with memory installed, but it does accept standard microSD cards. As with any computer, there is no such thing as too much storage space. But most likely, your favorite computer scientist did not go broke on a high-capacity memory card.

10+ gift ideas for those who have Raspberry Pi raspberry pi gifts samsung 128 evo plus 670x367

But what is the best microSD card ? The Samsung Evo Plus 128GB microSD card is reported to work well with various Raspberry Pi models. You can also replace it with any of the other tested cards on this list. The PNY 256GB card also worked well with the Pi 3 if you want to gift extra storage.

A large microSD card is extremely useful. This allows someone to install multiple operating systems on the Pi or upload it with photos or movies.


Did you know that you can turn any Raspberry Pi into a fully functional laptop? That’s right, all you need is a pi-top case. Be sure to uncheck «Enable Raspberry Pi 3» at checkout.

10+ Gift Ideas for Those Who Have a Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Gifts Pi Top 670x382

The Pi-top is a well-built and sturdy laptop designed primarily for teaching kids how to code. This is the perfect first laptop for your child. The company has even created its own pi-top operating system loaded with apps like Scratch to speed up this learning.

But even if you don’t want to, you can still use a pi-top. Insert your Raspberry Pi into the indicated slot and it’s a normal laptop. You get a 14-inch Full HD screen, plus up to eight hours of battery life on a single charge. Quite good!

RasPiRobot Rover Kit

For a friend who loves to tinker with electronics, the RasPiRobot Rover Kit is an incredible and memorable gift. The Pi is not provided in the box, but everything else is to make your own rover.

10+ gift ideas for those who own a Raspberry Pi Raspberry Rover Rasprobot Rover 670x449

Your friend will first spend time assembling the rover and then plugging the Pi into it. Add a couple of batteries and the rover is ready for instructions.

There are two ways to control RasPiRobot Rover. You can use the remote control to guide him where to go. But be more adventurous and give them autonomous control after adjusting the ultrasonic rangefinder. This is one of the weirdest but coolest projects ever. the strangest projects of the most for Raspberry Pi.

MagPi Magazine Subscription

The Official Raspberry Pi MagPi Magazine is now available worldwide. In the US, it costs $129 for an annual subscription. What’s more, it comes with the latest Pi Zero and a cable.

Best Raspberry Pi Gifts - MagPi

MagPi is one of the best resources for Raspberry Pi owners Each month, people will receive project ideas, programming tutorials, and other Pi-related information and tutorials.

MagPi also has a much cheaper digital version with a $27 annual subscription if you’re interested in that.

PiCade Pi Arcade Machine

PiCade is the original dream of building a retro gaming console with the Raspberry Pi. It costs quite a penny, but hey, some geeks deserve it.

Best Raspberry Pi Gifts - PiCade

PiCade is an arcade cabinet that has everything a hacker needs besides the Raspberry Pi itself. Assembly takes only about two hours, without any special tools. Black powder-coated panels, built-in speakers and a perfect retro design make PiCade picture perfect.

If PiCade is a little more expensive, there are other PiCade alternatives. including some DIY options. After all, no gift can beat what you have done for the recipient.

Pi Owners: What gift would you like?

Raspberry Pi owners, help those friends of yours who want the perfect gift for you.

If you had to choose from the vast database of Pi products on the Internet, what would you like to receive as a gift?

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