We all love Lego. Whether you’re a fan of video games (Lego Dimensions is a particular favorite or enjoy building kits in a variety of themes and sizes, the durable brick building toy continues to excite kids of all ages.

Not just kids, either.

The Mindstorms series of Lego sets has a «smart» programmable brick that can be used to expand the set’s capabilities. We previously featured one of these sets in one of our most popular freebies ever. and the Mindstorms range is an increasingly popular tool for creators of all skill levels and interests.

These 10 amazing Lego Mindstorms projects will show you what I mean.

1. Lego plays the guitar

I know what you feel. You’ve been playing guitar for years, and even the beats of Rocksmith 2014 won’t give you the confidence to get to the end of a track from memory.

You might be thinking «let’s play with Lego instead»… only to find that some weirdo has hacked to death a guitar-playing Lego robot with its Mindstorms set. Disgusting, isn’t it?

The melody you can choke above is little talks an English-language Icelandic five-piece » Monsters and people» . Like me, you may not be familiar with the original, which you can view on YouTube if you want to compare.

2. Can’t handle a Rubik’s Cube? lego can

I know that many people can’t control the Rubik’s Cube. If you are one of them, don’t feel bad. It’s not in my nature to brag, but I find this a surprisingly simple puzzle…if I break it down and restore it to the correct «finished» configuration, or even just strip the labels and put them back in, leaving, for all intent and purpose, «done». (There is an easier way to solve a Rubik’s Cube. The easiest way to solve a Rubik’s Cube? The easiest way to solve a Rubik’s Cube.)

Of course, cheating is much faster than creating a robot that does it for you — but WOW! I’m not sure what impressed me the most: his ability to solve the puzzle as a whole, his face recognition and row rotation, or just the pull mechanism that flips the cube.

Brilliant. But if you need inspiration for a faster Rubik’s Cube solving robot, this beauty should fill your needs.

3 Lego ATM

While we don’t recommend building one of these and installing it at your local store, it makes for a great money dispenser machine at home. From a security point of view, there is obviously no keypad to enter a PIN, and any cash that is stored inside can be easily stolen using one of those orange Lego brick splitting tools.

But as a concept, it’s amazing to consider. We’re also impressed with this second ATM build, using the old NXT kit, which not only dispenses money, but also accepts it as a deposit!

4. Vending Machine Booster Pack Pokémon


It might not be Pokémon Go (it predates the mobile battery disaster by a couple of months), but this vending machine is a great example of the love Pokémon fans have for… hmm, what are you collecting? Virtual pets or something else?

(And develop them too? Wow. Darwin would be so proud.)

Either way, this clever Mindstorms build dispenses some Pokémon cards for cash, not too different from the ATM project above. Perfect if you’re desperate for a Pokémon pokemon game or something millennials do with them. If you want to earn real money on Pokemon Go however, it is possible without Lego.

Be sure to watch the full video, the interior mechanism is impressive.

5. This Mindstorms car is building its own bridge!

This is poetry in motion. Well, lego. Actually, no, it’s Lego in motion.

In short, the vehicle hands out its own bridge and then crosses it.

It might be a bit slow, but this is a really great Lego Mindstorms build that goes according to the description:

… Uses four servomotors, two linear actuators, two ultrasonic sensors, two touch sensors and two color sensors to accomplish its task. The robot was programmed in Robot C.

Make sure you watch this to the very end to see how the robot cleans up after itself. I swear you’d be proud to have built this, wouldn’t you?

6. Build a Lego Car Production Line

«Any customer can have a car painted in any color they want, as long as it’s black,» was how Henry Ford explained the speed of his Model T assembly line when the new quick-dry paint, available only in black, was introduced. .

It is also the only vehicle color offered on this Lego production line, fully automated thanks to Lego Mindstorms. What’s great about this setup is that it can be reprogrammed to mass-produce a variety of simple Lego builds, from cars and motorcycles to minifigures…and so on.

Or even real robots. May be. MORE: Lego builds Lego. It looks like Terminator: Genisys again and again.

7. Knit a jumper with Lego

Have you ever wondered how a loom works? Me too, and I bet you didn’t expect the issue to be resolved by looking at a few Lego bricks.

In a superb Lego build that could have significant implications for your future purchases, this Lego Mindstorms build automates scarf creation. Presumably with a little bit of sewing and stitching, larger garments can also be created.

For a closer look and a complete view of the build, check out the designer gallery.

8. Charlie Chess Robot

Boring? Want to participate in a challenging strategy game based on ancient game design, but have no one to play with? Of course you can play a chess video game but if you’re more into «real world» play, this Lego Mindstorms robot is probably the answer to your dreams.

Designer says:

Three engines are used for propulsion; the first one is for moving along the X axis, the second one is for moving along the Y axis and the third one is for grabbing and dropping pieces.

Is the sound difficult? Well, it’s not as hard as the process of allowing you to play chess… or even build a Lego Mindstorms chess robot!

9. RC car with 5 speed gearbox

According to the YouTube video:

This Lego Mindstorms RC car has a 5 speed gearbox and is controlled by NXT 2.0. We used EV3 to instruct the NXT on gear, gear, speed and steer. This is our first project to use the link between EV3 and NXT.

This pretty much tells you everything you need to know other than enabling the android app. The end result is complex but impressive.

10. Playing the piano in Lego Mindstorms

We end a lot as we started, with music!

The guitar playing Mindstorms robot on top was pretty amazing, but the complexity of this build is also worth sharing. According to the YouTube video description, this build:

… It uses one main drive motor and 3 position control motors: one left hand finger on the first note, two right hand fingers on the third note, and a third right hand finger on the fourth note (sometimes).

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

I love how the Lego wheels act as counterweights — the placement is good too. Of course, there are easier ways to get someone to accompany you on the piano, but the art itself is no small feat. Imagine combining this project with a guitar…!

We found these 10 Lego Mindstorms projects to be pretty awesome and especially inspiring. What do you think? Have you tried any similar projects, or are you the proud owner of your awesome Lego Mindstorms project? Write to us in the comments!

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