Google’s new Pixel phones are great technology. Ignoring all the «like an iPhone» nonsense from people who have yet to own phones, these pixels look and feel fantastic. The three colors they come in also stand out in their own way. Really Blue, Very Silver and Quite Black are fun, striking designs ready to live in your pocket or new Daydream View headset. This headset is its own unique step forward for Google and VR, but in our hands with Daydream View, it’s clear that there could be a real problem when using two Pixel color options with glossy white fronts in this headset.

The Daydream View demo area was intentionally dark. Darker than the rest of the event space, a bit, which is impressive considering the nightclub vibe has soured. Each of these demo stations had a 5.5-inch Quite Black pixel ready to go. Sitting in the back of this dark demo station, turning my head so that my back was facing the light source, found some significant light bleeding coming from the sides of the headset that was not completely flush with the skin. On the one hand, this design is great for comfort and for keeping my prescription glasses out of my face. It’s a great feeling, especially when compared to the Samsung Gear VR. On the other hand, despite Google’s attempts to hide it, the light bleeding was quite noticeable.