Over the past year, Samsung and Oculus have quickly transformed the Gear VR from a toy to a full fledged VR platform. There’s no shortage of great content, both in video and game formats, and the new hardware works well for just about everyone. It has become easier to use and with more users moving to the platform every day, it is clear that this is not going anywhere anytime soon. While the popularity of virtual reality is growing everywhere, Gear VR is undoubtedly the most improved in the last year.

However, there are a few things we’d like to see next to Samsung and Oculus to take Gear VR even further into the future.

Desktop view

Right now, if you get a notification in VR mode about what’s happening on your phone, there’s nothing you can do about it in VR mode. That is, you cannot act on it at all. You must remove your headset, remove your phone, complete the notification, and return to VR. Samsung will work well with Oculus in Desktop View in the Oculus environment, allowing the user to see the phone’s home screen and interact with notifications in VR mode. Basic things like answering phone calls or replying to messages are things you can already do with the Gear S2, so why not use VR?

Finger controllers