Like many other devices, the Raspberry Pi (with all the glory of standard Raspbian) comes with a password by default. And as you probably know, leaving the default password on anything is incredibly insecure.

Since it’s easy to find standard credentials for all sorts of devices on the Internet, anyone with malicious intent is sure to try them. If you’ve forgotten the default password for your Raspberry Pi or never changed it, we’ll show you what you need to know.

Default username and password on Raspbian

According to, the default username on Raspbian is pi, and the default password is raspberry .

To protect your Raspberry Pi from online threats you should change the default password immediately. In recent versions of Raspbian, you are prompted to do this after installation, but you can still use the default settings if you installed some time ago.

Here’s how to change your password on Raspbian:

After logging in, open a terminal window. Enter command passwd and press Enter . The system will prompt you to confirm your current password. Then enter the new password twice by pressing Enter after each entry. As with the Linux standard, you will not see any characters when you enter this password.

If everything is working correctly, you will see a message about successful password update . This means that you can use the new password. Make sure you remember this!

For reference, if you ever need to remove the password from an account on your Raspberry Pi, you can use the command sudo passwd [USER] -d . Of course, it’s wise to store the password on all accounts. Looking for more? Check out this guide to Raspberry Pi terminal commands.

Changing the default password is just one of many ways to keep your Raspberry Pi secure. Is reliable (actually, you also need to keep updating it. update update ) so take a moment to check yours.

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