Streaming joysticks, boxes and smart TVs Roku provide over 5,000 third-party streaming channels. However, Roku provides and maintains its own streaming channel called The Roku Channel.

What the Roku Channel Offers

Roku channel combines free, paid and paid subscription content in one channel with easy to use Netflix-like OSD . This makes it easier to browse, search, and watch specific content without having to switch between multiple apps to find something to watch.

Roku Channel - Movies

An added bonus is that you don’t always need a Roku device to access it. Beyond Devices Roku and the mobile app Roku, the Roku channel can be viewed in compatible web browsers and choose Samsung TVs.

Free content offers are supported by ads. Also, the Roku channel does not provide content in 4K .

Here’s what’s included:

Free movies

Chef Happy feet two
King Arthur Legend of the Sword Mrs Doubtful Fire
Sandbox Rango
Ghost rider Pitch Perfect 3
Spiderman 3

Free series

3rd Rock from the Sun bewitched
Court files Hell’s Kitchen
Participation rules Nanny
Drop Dead Diva Who’s in charge
Midsomer Murder

Free movies and TV shows are not the most up-to-date, and titles turn on and off periodically.

Free live news and commentary

ABC News Cheddar News
NewsMax TV newsboy
TMZ TYT (Young Turks)
Difficult Yahoo! News
People TV

Free entertainment channels

FilmRise Classic TV Film Crime Crime
FilmRise Free Movies Film channel «Shelter»

Free reality shows

AFV (America’s Funniest Video) FilmPreparation
Tastemade Pet collection

Free sports channels

Adventure Sports Network Combat GO
EDGEsport Stadium

Premium content (payment required)

Acorn TV cinemax
Stream of Curiosity Epix
Vault of History Lifetime Cinema Club
head Show time
pigeon channel Great Courses (Collection Signature)
ConTV starz
HBO City film channel
Monsters and nightmares

If you subscribe to multiple premium services, you can pay for all of them with a single monthly bill from Roku account .

The Roku Channel - Premium Subscription

Free, ad-supported content on the Roku Channel is available on streaming sticks, boxes and Roku TVs in the US and Canada, web browsers, the Roku mobile app, and compatible Samsung TVs with Roku premium content in the US. United States, and not available on Samsung Smart TVs.

How to access the Roku channel

There are several ways to access the Roku channel.

Watch a Roku channel on a Roku device

A Roku device is the easiest way to watch a Roku channel and is easy to add to most Roku devices.

Roku Channel available on Roku streaming devices with model numbers 2450 and up. If it’s not listed in the Featured category or searched, it’s not supported on this Roku device. To check the model number of a Roku device, select «Settings» > » System» > » About the program».

  1. Click the button Home» on the Roku remote.

    Roku TV Remote - Home Button

  2. Select Streaming channels on the OSD menu to go to Roku Channel Store.

    Roku Main Menu - Streaming Channels
  3. In the channel store select » Popular channels» and see if the Roku channel is listed.

    Roku Main Menu - Featured Apps

    You can find the Roku Channel app under the «Popular Channels» category, or type «The Roku Channel» in the search channels.

  4. Highlight channel Roku, to make the app description appear on the right side of the screen, then tap right arrow, to go to a more detailed description and add a channel page.

    Roku device streaming channels - Roku channel found
  5. Select Add channel .

    Roku Device - add Roku channel to watchlist
  6. You can also add a Roku channel to Roku devices using a PC or laptop. Log into your Roku account, select «Channel Store» find the «Roku» channel through your favorite category or search, then select » Add channel» .

    Add a Roku channel to your Roku streaming device selection via PC

If more than one Roku device is connected to the same Roku account, the Roku channel can be viewed on all compatible Roku devices using the same account once it is added.

Watch the Roku Channel on the Roku Mobile App

You can use the Roku mobile app to add a Roku channel to your Roku device or watch it on your smartphone.

  1. Open the Roku mobile app on your smartphone.

  2. Click «Channel Store» and in «Featured category» (or search) find a Roku channel.

  3. Click Add .

    Roku Mobile App - Adding a Roku Channel

Watch a Roku channel in a web browser

Using a compatible OS and web browser on your smartphone, tablet or PC, visit . This allows you to watch a Roku channel without having to install an app.

Accessing a Roku Channel Using a Web Browser - Chrome Example

Compatible operating systems :

Compatible web browsers :

Ad blockers must be disabled in order to view free content on a Roku channel using a web browser.

You must sign in or create a free Roku account before watching a movie or TV show using a browser. If you have other compatible devices with the same account, you can start watching Roku Channel content in a web browser and continue watching it on those devices by opening the Roku Channel app.

Watch the Roku channel on a compatible Samsung Smart TV

The Roku Channel is only available on Samsung Smart TVs with Tizen operating system (from 2015 to present). Also, while this version of the Roku Channel app provides access to free, ad-supported content, premium subscription services are not included.

  1. If you have a Samsung account, select » Applications» in Smart Hub .

    Adding Apps to Samsung Smart TV - Step 1
  2. On the apps menu screen, check if the Roku Channel app is available in the Videos category.

    Samsung Smart TV Apps - Video - Roku Channel
  3. A Roku channel can also be found by first opening Search using the app’s search icon (magnifying glass) in the top right corner of the screen.

    Samsung Smart TV app search icon
  4. Then type «Roku Channel» using the on-screen keyboard.

    Samsung Smart TV App Search - Roku Channel Found
  5. Select Appendix Roku Channel then select » Install» or » Download» .

    Samsung Smart TV Apps - Install the Roku Channel App
  6. Once you install the Roku Channel app, you can open it right away or access it through the My Apps screen or the homepage smart center menu.

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