Is PlayStation VR good for anything other than gaming?

PlayStation VR sold like crazy, thanks in part to its amazing collection of games. Create the best Batman experience, see what it’s like to live the life of an eagle, survive the zombie apocalypse and ride hundreds of high-performance cars are just scratches on the surface.

While you’re taking a break from gaming, you might be wondering what else your glowing headset can do. Here are a few non-gaming things you can try to get the most out of your PlayStation VR.

  • Watch some impressive 360-degree videos
  • Turn your living room into a theater
  • Relive memories with your photos in VR
  • Check out adult content
  • Experiment with other operating systems
  • See your future

Watch some impressive 360-degree videos


Free apps like Littlstar and Within have some amazing videos to watch on PlayStation VR. It’s best to sit comfortably without taking your head off — you’ll want to look around while the video is playing.

This is a great opportunity to plunge into a world that is not usually seen. Some of the best options will allow you to venture into the wetlands or dive into the sea for a truly immersive experience. To help you decide what to watch first, check out the best VR videos to watch on PSVR.

  • Download from PlayStation Store
  • Download Littlestar from the PlayStation Store

Turn your living room into a theater