If you are a fan Vudu you can watch the movies and TV shows you bought on this platform on your Apple TV . In fact, watching Vudu on Apple TV is a great experience as it supports Apple TV voice features like fast forward or rewind using the Siri remote combined with English language commands like: «go back three minutes or skip forward thirty minutes. «.

Here’s how to get started with Vudu on your Apple TV.

Instructions in this article apply to Apple TV 4th generation and later.

How to start watching voodoo on Apple TV

To get started with Vudu, you first need to download the framework from the App Store.

  1. First, open the App Store on your Apple TV; it’s a blue icon with the letter A.

    Apple TV home screen
  2. When you first open the App Store, you will be taken to page » Detection» (or at page » Favorites», if you are using an older version of tvOS). Swipe right on the top menu and select Search .

    If you don’t see the top menu, swipe down on the remote to open it.

    Apple TV App Store
  3. Enter » voodoo » in the search field.

    You can also perform voice searches by holding button Siri on the remote control (it has a microphone icon on it) and saying «voodoo».

    Search screen in the Apple TV App Store
  4. Select Vudu from the list of applications in the search results.

  5. On the Vudu page, click button Get to download the Vudu app; it’s a free download.

    If you have previously downloaded Vudu, the Get button will have a cloud icon with an arrow pointing down.

    Voodoo on the Apple TV App Store
  6. After downloading the application button » Get» will change to button » Open» . Select it to launch the application.

    Voodoo page on the Apple TV App Store

How to Sign in to Vudu on Apple TV

Now that Vudu is downloaded to your Apple TV, you need to sign into your Vudu account to start watching. You need an existing account to use Vudu with Apple TV.

Unfortunately, you can’t create a new account within the app, so if you haven’t started using Vudu yet, you’ll need to create an account on another device, such as a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

  1. After launching Vudu, scroll to menu » Settings» up.

    Vudu home screen on Apple TV
  2. You will start on the Account tab. Switch to button » To come in» and press it.

    Login to the Vudu App
  3. Sign in using your Walmart account or Vudu.

If you have the Vudu app installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can sign in with your device by launching the app. Go to » Settings» and select » Account», to sync credentials between devices without having to manually enter a password.

Voodoo login screen

How to Rent and Buy Voodoo Movies for Apple TV

While you can watch purchased or rented movies or TV shows using the Vudu app, and you have access to the full free Movies About Us movie catalog, you can’t rent or buy movies using the Apple TV Vudu app. You can add to your wish list, but you will have to go to the site to make a purchase.

Apple charges a 30% commission on all in-app purchases, including digital media such as music, books, and movies. Instead of handing this over to the client, providers like Vudu and Amazon don’t allow you to buy or rent the app. Instead, you must make purchases on other devices directly from the Vudu website.

Once you buy or rent a Vudu movie on another device, it should appear on your Apple TV in seconds.

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