Last year, VR entered a whole new medium as an addition to the real roller coaster. Yes, that means riding a rollercoaster while wearing a VR headset. While only a small number can be ridden on these roller coasters, they are well worth checking out. At the moment, it seems to be the biggest follower of Six Flags in America, having introduced several roller coasters in their parks across the country. So we’ve compiled an amazing list of all the coasters you can ride and where to find them.

six flags

Six Flags has a partnership with Oculus and over the past two years they have offered three different VR experiences on 7 different stands in the United States and Canada. The experience will depend on which coaster you’re riding, but both place an emphasis on delivering a great user experience at ridiculously high speeds. If you’ve been tracking VR stands last year, you might have noticed that the VR experience is missing; Rise of the Gargoyles.

While this experience was available in 2016, it is not currently available for the start of the season. It’s worth noting, however, that in 2016, several roller coasters were outfitted with new experiences as Halloween rolled around. We’ll be watching and we’ll let you guys know if there are any new experiences as we approach the scariest time of the year.

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