Recently, 360-degree cameras have become more popular and the latest company to announce it is VUZE. It will offer a $799 3D camera with a 360-degree view, which is more expensive than the LG 360 CAM and Samsung 360 camera, but still cheaper than professional equipment. With the increased price, you will get better images and videos from the camera as it has 8 HD cameras for content creation where most other devices have 2 to 4.

Shooting isn’t the only easy part here, but stitching and editing can be done with the click of a button, and it offers near-real-time processing so you don’t spend a ton of time in post-production. The software automatically optimizes output for use on VR platforms, headsets, and other devices.

Pre-orders for this camera have already started for $799. If you place your order now, you will also get a tripod and a VR headset with it, worth $120 at no extra cost.

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