Live albums are the new function Google Photos, which will update the albums with new photos of the selected people. AT Google Home Hub Live Albums is a display option that allows you to turn your device into a smart photo frame.

Live Albums is essentially a way to create smart photo albums. The «live» part of this new feature is that it happens automatically when Google’s artificial intelligence detects a face that matches your choice. For example, if you want to display your children’s photos on the Home Hub in the living room, Live Albums will automatically add new photos without you having to update them manually.

Close-up of Google Hub

Live Albums is an extension that integrates with Google Photos and is not exclusive to the Home Hub. In fact, the Home Hub is just a display for live albums. You’ll need to set up albums on the Google Photos website or on the iOS and Android apps.

What you need to know about live albums

  • You can select one face or multiple faces to be included in the Live Album.
  • Existing photo albums in Google Photos can be upgraded to become Live Albums.
  • Live Albums can be shared by multiple people.
  • After setting up a Live Album, you can manually select individual photos to delete them. You can also manually add photos to the Live Album if they have been skipped.
  • If you have shared a live album, you can allow others to add photos.

Live Albums can also be used to detect pets and automatically add them to the album.

What devices support live albums?

While the Home Hub is great for Live Albums, Smart Albums will work on iOS, Android, and the Google Photos website. If you don’t see this feature at the moment, be sure to check for updates to the Google Photos app in the app store. This feature debuted in a checkerboard pattern but eventually made its way to everyone.

The Google Home app is designed for smart devices. While you can connect your Google Photos account through the Google Home app, photos cannot be managed using the Home mobile app. The same applies to application Google Assistant .

How to Set Up Google Home Hub Live Albums on Mobile Devices

  1. Launch the Google Photos app. When it opens, tap icon Albums .

  2. Press field » New album with sign » a plus» ( + ).

  3. Enter a name, then click » Automatically add pictures of people and pets» .

    Screenshot of the Google Home app
  4. Click on the faces of the people you would like to see in the album.

  5. Click » Turn on» in the top right corner to end the «Live Album».

Set up Google Home Hub Live Albums on desktop

Google Photos has pretty much adopted a universal design so it’s familiar across devices and platforms, including the Google Photos website.

  1. Go to .

  2. After logging in, select Albums On the left side.

  3. Select album New box that has a plus ( + ) sign.

  4. Enter a name, then select » Automatically add pictures of people and pets» .

  5. Select the faces of the people you would like to see in the album.

  6. Select Turn on in the upper right corner.

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