Your shiny new Samsung phone comes with a headset capable of immersing you in some really cool games and videos, but there’s so much more to Samsung Gear VR. It’s basically a portable entertainment center and if you’re ready for the best possible, you’ll get it. All you have to do is make sure you’re set up to enjoy VR, which is no different from having fun anywhere else.

Here are some simple tips for setting up your Gear VR for maximum enjoyment.

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Take your headphones

Headphones Oculus Rift

Pretty much every Gear VR experience will tell you what’s best with headphones, and for good reason. Headphones let you feel immersed in the sensations you see by hearing things from all angles, as if you were in a different reality that doesn’t require a headset.

If you got your Gear VR for free with the Galaxy S8, your phone comes with a set of decent headphones that are perfect for the experience. If you are looking for the best options, we have several options for you.

The best headphones for your Samsung Gear VR

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