Back at last year’s Google I/O, Daydream Standalone was hailed as Google’s next big thing in VR. A big part of that plan was a custom headset from HTC that didn’t require a phone, but instead we’ll soon be using the Lenovo Mirage Solo as Daydream’s first standalone headset. What happened to HTC’s design? It became the Vive Focus, running its own software with its own Vivewave app store, and is currently only available in China.

I have a few minutes to try one out at GDC 2018, as well as a few minutes with Vivewave’s Best Game award-winning Spark of Light, and to be honest, I’m more than bitter I can’t buy one of these headphones right now.

The Vive Focus is a Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) unmanaged headset, which means you can navigate as if you were using an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, but the headset isn’t connected to your phone or computer. All bits of tracking, processing and connectivity are inside the headset with its own battery and controller. Where Daydream, Cardboard and Gear VR only let you turn your head to explore the virtual space, Vive Focus lets you lean in to see more of the world. This is a whole new level of immersion if you’ve ever experienced phone VR headsets.