Audio is an integral part of how we experience virtual reality, and headphones are a big part of that. VR is an immersive experience, and without headphones, it doesn’t reach the same peaks. Trying to figure out which headphones are right for you can be difficult since there are so many options on the market to choose from, which is why we’ve narrowed down the best headphones.

Lightweight Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re a fan of as few wires as possible, you might want to go the Bluetooth route. While you need to make sure you charge these models before using them, this means you won’t get confused when you enjoy VR. These headphones are lightweight and easily forget you are wearing them. Some Bluetooth headsets may experience lag, but the ones on this list will work just fine with the Gear VR.

Samsung Gear Circle

Samsung’s cogwheel design is designed not to get in your way. When connected via Bluetooth, you will simply have a small plastic piece that sits on the back of your neck. It’s light enough you might even forget it’s there when you shoot space pirates. They won’t break the bank by delivering quality audio for your VR adventures.

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Samsung Gear Icon X

These Bluetooth headphones from Samsung were made for working out, but they can keep you entertained while you’re in Gear VR. They stay in place no matter how much you end up pumping or weaving and have absolutely no cords. Although they are quite expensive, these headphones ensure that you can hear everything that is going on.

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in-ear headphones

In-ear headphones can often give you a lot more sound or give you access to noise canceling technology so you can leave the real world behind you. While putting on headphones over headphones may not seem like the best option for immersion, they often have features that allow you to dive deeper into the virtual reality experience you have chosen to explore. With that in mind, these are the headphones to check out.

Headphones Edifier H840

The Edifier H840 is an affordable and comfortable pair of headphones. They cut down on noise, which helps when you’re trying to ignore the real world in VR. They are well designed to help you get through long VR sessions without getting uncomfortable.

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Headphones Bose QC35