Amazon Echo Show provides many customization options, that go far beyond basic installation .

With advanced settings and additional features, Alexa Skills allows you to change the location of your device, manage your calendar, get weather information for any location around the world, and set accessibility features for users with hearing or visual impairments.

Here are some details on how to set up Echo Show for you.

In addition to basic settings

Here are ways you can adjust your settings.

  • Device Location . As a result of the initial setup process, Echo Show knows your location, time zone, and other information. However, if you want to manually change your location, all you need to do is tell Alexa «Go to settings» or select settings using the touch screen. Then select » Options devices» > » Device Location» and use the on-screen keyboard to enter the new physical address.
  • Calendar A: One of the great things about the echo show is that you can use it to organize occasional home, shopping, travel, business or holiday events. At the echo show, tell Alexa «Show me my calendar.» As soon as your calendar appears on the screen, you can instruct Alexa to «Add an event to my calendar» or «Remove my event».
  • Weather and other information : For «Echo Show» labeled «Show me the weather», weather information similar to what you see on the web page will be displayed. By default, the weather information will match the location of your echo show. However, you can check the weather anywhere by entering a city, state, or country in Alexa. You also ask the Echo Show to display weather information for the next day or other days if the information is available. You can also further customize the weather information feature to display the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

In addition to the weather, you can use the Echo Show to provide traffic and sports updates that can be displayed on the Echo Show screen.

  • Availability : The Echo Show offers several options to improve accessibility for people with hearing or visual impairments. For the hearing impaired, you can enable closed captioning for supported content through the OSD settings. Using the Message Touch feature, you can view transcripts of voice messages. For the visually impaired, Echo Show provides a screen magnifier that can be controlled with physical gestures. Color inversion is handy when you prefer white text over a black background, and the Color Correction feature can optimize the display to compensate for varying degrees of color blindness.

Video fine-tuning features

Because the Echo Show has a screen, you can watch videos, TV shows, and movies through Amazon Video and other streaming services.

September 26, 2017 Google has disabled official support for YouTube videos with Echo Show (as well as products Amazon FireTV ). As a workaround, Amazon redirects you to the web browser version of the Firefox or Silk service.

If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime (including any Amazon streaming channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and more), you can ask Echo Show to «Show me my video library» or «…watchlist.» You can also verbally search for a specific movie, series, actor, or genre.

Playback can be controlled with verbal commands, including the ability to play, pause, skip forward, or rewind in specified time increments. You can also command Echo Show to skip to the next episode if you are watching the show.

Another cool video playback feature is «Daily Briefings». This option displays short, timely video clips with the «Alexa, tell me the news» command. Looking for a list of news sources you can customize, Echo Show will start showing short video news clips. Content contributors you can choose from include CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, People Magazine, and NBC.

While you can view video clips, trailers, movies, and TV shows from selected services on the Echo Show screen, Echo Show cannot share this content on the big screen. In addition, Echo Show does not provide access to all app options offered on Amazon Fire TV devices. However, you can tell Alexa to tell the Fire TV device what to show on your TV instead of the Fire TV remote.

Music fine tuning

Like others smart speakers echo Echo Show can find and play music. Just ask the Echo Show to play a song, artist or genre. If you subscribe to Prime Music, you can command Echo Show to play music from that source using commands such as «Play rock from Prime Music» or «Play Top 40 from Prime Music».

You can verbally command the Echo Show to «volume up», «stop the music», «pause», «skip to the next song», or «repeat this song».

In addition to the playback options above, you can view album/artist art and lyrics on the Echo Show screen. You can turn the display of music lyrics on or off with simple Alexa commands, or by tapping the Lyrics icon shown on the screen.

If you have multiple echoes in your home, naming them all can be confusing for Alexa. You can change what you call echo, to avoid confusion.

Alexa skills that are great to use on an echo show

While you can buy items individually, Echo Show will not let you buy multiple items in an existing Amazon shopping cart.

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