In much the same way that many of us rolled our eyes when web browsers were loaded onto early Android Wear watches, the news that Samsung had released a web browser on the Oculus Store for Gear VR seemed a bit odd. You have to put your phone — which in this case has a fantastic web browser and a stunning display — in a case that reduces the resolution by more than half to use a browser that will never be as easy to use as the native browser on your phone. It’s the kind of thing that we set up mainly to see if there are any redeeming qualities at all, in the hope of finding a reason for the existence of this thing.

As it turns out, the Gear VR has one big reason to have a web browser, and it’s all about YouTube access.

Samsung Internet Beta for Gear VR isn’t that bad. You get voice access to quickly navigate to a website, a virtual keyboard that works better than Netflix’s super-clunky keyboard gives you the option to log into your VR account, and basic browser functions are always far away from the main user interface. However, it is still a mobile browser floating in the black bubble of virtual reality. Images appear as if you’re viewing them on a sub-1080p screen because there’s still a ton of darkness around the rectangle you’re viewing with. It’s more than unlikely that you’ll be reading your favorite blog or specifically checking Facebook through it.

As a web browser, this is basically pointless. However, as a YouTube app, it’s not that bad.