Once upon a time musical giants roamed the earth, filling the world with music. Unfortunately, time and great evil have stolen them from the earth. That’s where you enter. You will need to explore ancient ruins and reconnect portals to bring music back to the world. With an African theme intertwined through play and challenging puzzles, there’s plenty to do to bring music back to earth.

Look at Oculus

Towering heights to climb

You’re thrown right into the middle of the action in Rangi with little explanation of what’s going on. A pop-up window will explain how the controls work, as opposed to using the touchpad controls or the Gear VR controller, but in most cases, it’s up to you to figure out how to solve each puzzle. Although these puzzles get complicated very quickly, color always plays a rather important role in things.

You need to line up the missing pieces of the wall to complete the puzzles and restore the flow of color from its source to the doorway that leads to the next section of the game. This starts with one section that needs to be aligned and lit, but soon you’ll be dealing with three or four different strands that need to be adjusted. Each level has its own feel, but a common theme is the serious heights you need to teleport through to complete the puzzles.

Seeing the paintings on the walls of the temples or the pottery lying around as you descend through the levels of the temple, everything seems more tactile, although there is very little actual interaction. Be sure to study each section carefully, as the crevices hide artifacts out of sight of the main objective in each level.

Puzzles bring music back to life