When it comes to virtual reality gaming systems, PlayStation VR has been a hit. The initial launch gave us a decent list of games, but in the months since we’ve seen a lot of new games come out and with triple AAA titles like Fallout 4 in VR, it’s time to take a look at what you need. to enjoy it. headset for a long time. Aside from a new controller and a new PlayStation camera, this is what you need to enjoy PlayStation VR to the fullest!

Universal stand

By the time you’ve set up your headset, camera, Move controllers, and regular DualShock 4 controller, you’ll realize there aren’t enough USB charging ports on the PS4. It sucks if your goal is to have everything charged overnight, especially if the other outlets in your living room aren’t easily accessible. There are several solutions to this particular dilemma, but the charging and display stand power A (about $38) is one of the best options here.

It’s a simple stand for the headset itself, but it also charges the three controllers used for full PSVR listening. The dock controller allows you to press down to exit the dock and looks nice while doing so. This is a reliable solution, especially if space in your entertainment center is limited.

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BD&A Travel bag

You won’t always play PSVR at home, especially if you have friends who also have PS4s and want you to come over, convince them to take one of these headsets for themselves. Your PlayStation VR is more than light enough to move quickly, but the lenses and display in the headset are fragile and require special handling.

Carrying cases are a simple solution to the portability problem. All you really need is a good strong body to avoid major impacts and something to keep your lenses secure as you move. The BD&A Travel Bag ($29.99) offers great features to keep your headset safe and secure when you’re on the go!

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Hyperkin Sanitary Mask

It’s not always what people think, but human-to-human transmission of germs through a VR headset is possible. There are plenty of ways to handle this, but if you’re planning on showing off your PlayStation VR to a huge group of people, you might want to consider switching from small alcohol wipes to a full face mask. Hyperkin Sanitary Masks (about $9.99) give you a complete hygiene mask that keeps you clean and shares the care you don’t have to worry about.

PlayStation VR is already one of the best multiplayer VR headsets out there because the headset never sits tight against your face, but a hygienic mask eliminates any potential by creating a temporary barrier on your skin. Yes, it’s basically a condom for your VR headset. Stop giggling and put this on.

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Pandaren Controller Grip

You can’t see your controller when the PlayStation VR is on your head, which isn’t an issue for veteran gamers, but can make things like grabbing your controller when you mount it a little harder. If you only have one controller this isn’t a problem, but it’s easy for a lot of people to get confused. Some special controller knobs are just what the doctor ordered. The Pandaren controller grips (about $9.99) are easy to use and feel great in your hands when you can’t really see what you’re doing.

These are simple rubber accessories that fit your controller and offer a unique texture. Some of these pens come in a variety of colors, but on PlayStation VR it will do you less good. All that really matters is your ability to reach out and know that the controller is yours.

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Stationary bike

Wandering around your living room in PlayStation VR is fun, but there are other ways to enjoy this headset, and that is on an exercise bike. The VirZoom VR exercise bike (about $300) lets you really immerse yourself in the feeling of virtual reality, making it ideal for virtual cycling.