Halloween is just around the corner, are you ready to panic? Instead of buying disposable props from the store, why not 3D print your own? The cost of 3D printers is coming down and there are now options for people on the lowest budget If you are new to 3D printing, we have a guide for which will teach you everything you need to know to make the projects in this article.

Of course, Halloween is not only scary, but it’s also the time to show off your awesome costumes, and a 3D printer can come in handy here too! From sneaky décor to not-too-creepy Star Wars costumes, we’ll cover projects to help you spice up your Halloween prep in this article.

1. Delicious Horrors

For some, Halloween is the fear factor. For others, it’s all about the candy. Instead of buying candy from the store, why not make your own spooky cookies this year to give to local tricks or treats?

witch cookies

These Witch and Cat cookies were made by Thingiverse user OoogiMe. Given their small size and simplicity, they are the perfect project to work with children. If you are looking for a way to get your kids interested in technology and cooking at the same time, this is it! OogiMe also offers the Snarling Pumpkin cookie design, which is similar in size to the others, but a bit more complex.

Increasing in size and complexity, 3DWORK offers designs for a larger Skeleton Cookie mold on their Thingiverse page.

gingerbread cutter 3d print

2. Petrified pumpkins

Another important aspect of Halloween is setting up your home for maximum visitor scare factor. We’ve already looked at ways to build scary machines based on Arduino. to make people think twice before heading to your door.

British electronics and 3D printing retailer Kitronik has come up with free plans for a glowing pumpkin (a great way to avoid those rotten pumpkin husks sitting in your driveway for weeks afterward), which uses a flickering yellow LED and a clock battery to simulate candles.

It’s worth noting that the other things in this article were created using a laser cutter. and while their complexity increases, it is possible to use the same designs to hand-cut decorations to match your 3D printed patterns!

If you prefer something smaller and uglier, you can print multiple versions of this ideaform3d handcrafted mini pumpkin.

mini pumpkin 3d printing

3. Wiley Webs

What is a spooky house without cobwebs? This year, instead of the messy fibers you can buy at the store, print your own! Fuzzbot provides the design for this web based on the beloved children’s novel Charlotte’s Web.

charlotte web fuzzbot 3d printing

According to the creator, there is a hidden message on the net — print it out to see if you can decipher it!

4. Running spiders

While we’re on the subject of spider webs, why not throw in some spiders to give people goosebumps? While there are a huge number of spider designs out there, this design from Thinkyhead really caught our attention.

spider thinkhead 3d print

What makes this design special is how easily the legs can be positioned, making each build unique. Thinkyhead estimates a build time of just 15 minutes, though of course this will depend on your 3D printer. This simple design can be incredibly effective with little effort on the part of the builder.

spiders 3d printing

5 Glowing Crow

Crows are cool, but it’s tricky and tricky to train them to sit on the porch. Instead of wasting months of your time destroying all your favorite shirts in a failed attempt to tame a real crow, build your own. Trust us, it’s easier.

crow 3d print halloween

This fantastic Danman design adds a couple of cheap red LEDs to give the crow evil eyes. An added bonus to this minus the evil eyes, this model would be perfect to leave in your garden to ward off other less desirable birds, or it could even be used to attract other crows. Crows are amazing.

6. Chandelier of fear

Looking for something a little more? Want to really outdo your neighbors? If you really want to impress your guests this Halloween, how about 3D printing the entire chandelier?

chandelier of fear 3d printing

This impressive MakerBot build from a Thingiverse user puts together several parts that come together in a build that looks much more polished and impressive than many other 3D printed projects. This effect can be further enhanced with paint to give it a really ancient and creepy feel.

3d gold chandelier

7. Creepy costumes

3D printers are making costume design much easier, and there are already a huge number of designs out there. Here are some of them that caught our attention:

Eyes gouged out

These cartoonishly huge eyes are fantastic in their simplicity. Created by Thingiverse user Kongorilla, they are a great way to achieve a big look in a few steps.

congorilla eyes 3d print


Ah, the ubiquitous Scream mask. While movies may not be as relevant these days, the mask holds up. This design by Ben Martin is a true recreation of the famous bringer of terror. Don’t forget to wear something black on your head to complete the effect!

scream halloween 3d print

skull mask

There are several designs of skull masks, but aaskedall’s design is the winner for us.

skull mask 3d print

This project has the advantage of being unsupported, which makes it easy to build. Such a design should fit a child, although other users have found that it scales up to about 3 times its original size, making it perfect for adults.

plague mask

Anyone who has watched SyFy’s 12 Monkeys will be familiar with this horror-inducing mask.

12 monkeys plague doctor mask 3d print

This variant of the classic plague doctor mask was actually added to Thingiverse by SyFy itself and comes in two variations. One mask on a stand as a decoration, and the other with straps for a costume.

faceless mask

Fans of the beautiful Spirited Away should love this low poly version of the Faceless mask.

faceless mask spirited away halloween 3d print

This stylish mask from dogbrand is available as a Thingiverse design, though it’s just a design, so the finished product may change a bit to look really good.

wolverine claws

Wolverine claws. Do I need to say more?

While there are many designs for these claws, this LeFabShop design is well documented and has a great end product. The video above should show you everything you need to know to get your stamp!

Demon Baby

This design receives special spooky points. Whoever came up with this should be checked from time to time. It’s… well, just look

demon kid 3d print

This incredibly spooky design is the brainchild of Thingiverse user Taingonaught. While the original design was for their partner’s pregnant animal, anyone could replicate it. There are three boot options that, when printed, are designed to be placed under clothing to scare unsuspecting well-wishers!

8. Cool costumes and props

For some people, Halloween isn’t all about scaring people, it’s just about looking amazing. This year, you can ditch store-bought uniforms and make something truly unique using a design you printed yourself.

Wizard Wand

For Harry Potter fans, this is a little more exciting than the prospect of owning your own wand. While you can make one out of wood, you get the benefit of being able to make a beautiful and lightweight screw without the need for woodworking equipment!

3d printing harry potter wand

This wand design is from tuxedodiplomat [Broken Link Removed] also includes an LED for an extra magical effect!

unicorn horn

Unicorns are usually more or less the opposite of creepy, and this makes them the perfect choice to stand out on Halloween. This project from Adafruit suggests a design for the horn, but then goes a step further by adding LEDs to it to give it the full unicorn rainbow effect!

Glowing mace

This design, also by Adafruit, takes the medieval mace and gives it a modern cartoonish twist. This 3D print is a lot more complex than the others we’ve featured here, but deserves credit as even without the built-in electronics, it has a superior design that shows what 3D printers are really capable of in terms of costume and prop design. ,

9 Star Wars

Star Wars costumes are always a favorite for Halloween, and 3D printing is a great way to show off being a real Jedi or a servant of the Dark Side, depending on your preference. Let’s take a quick look at a few notable designs

Belt of the Rebel Princess

This simple design by wkarraker attaches to a belt to add detail to a simple Jedi Rebel outfit.

princess rebel princess


No Jedi is complete without a lightsaber. This Lilikil design is based on Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from the movie Return of the Jedi.

3d printed lightsaber star wars

There are a few lightsabers around, but the level of detail really caught our attention!

Kylo Ren’s lightsaber

A lot has been said about the stylized lightsaber that Kylo Ren used in The Force Awakens, and this LeFabShop design is a fantastic recreation of that weapon, made with the help of a Dark Side cross-guard.

Stormtrooper helmet

Few Star Wars items are more iconic than the Stormtrooper. This helmet design by Geoffro is incredible and it’s clear that a huge amount of time has gone into getting it right. It’s not a simple print, it has a lot of different details, and it may not be for 3D printing beginners, but the results speak for themselves!

3d print stormtrooper helmet

petrified prints

This article told us about a few things that are possible with 3D printing to make your Halloween setup unique and impressive. While most of these projects are easy to implement even with a small 3D printer, some of them are a bit more difficult.

The practice of making costumes and props using 3D printers is just getting started, and we look forward to developing it in the coming years as the technology becomes cheaper and more accessible to everyone.

If you’ve been inspired or adventurous, why not create your own 3D models with OpenSCAD

Have you designed your own costume this year? Do you decorate your home with self-printed creations to relieve fear? We’d love to see what you do! Show us in the comments section below.

Image Credit: scanrail/ Depositphotos

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