Amazon Echo has become one of the key elements in making a smart home a smart home From being easy to get information to integrating with dozens of other products, Echo is getting more and more powerful.

Your echo is pretty big out of the box, but there is one setting disabled by default that it certainly shouldn’t have. Whenever you say «Alexa» to your Echo, he will admit that he heard you, lit up. However, you won’t be able to see the light if your echo is hidden in a corner or if you’re busy with some other task.

This is where the sound confirmation setting comes in. Open the Alexa app and on the left sidebar click » Settings» . Click your device’s name at the top of the list to open its settings, then select » Sounds and Notifications» .

At the bottom of this menu you will see the heading Request Sounds . It contains two settings, the first plays a sound when you say «Alexa» and the second plays a sound when you’re done speaking. If you need to ask Alexa something, check out the dumbest questions you can ask her.

It sounds small and it’s small details, but it helps a lot. When you can’t see your Echo, or if you’re not sure it heard you, this little call lets you know you’re not talking to the air. A little confirmation is always a good thing!

If you’re thinking about getting an echo but are confused by the different types, take a look at our comparison of echo models.

Do you like hearing the tone so Alexa can hear you, or do you do without it? Let us know your favorite piece of Echo in the comments!

Image Credit: pathdoc via Shutterstock

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