Do you want to earn some money? There is an app for that! In fact, there are several services that pay you to install them. applications and conduct market research or otherwise point to your smartphone. These are simple tasks that anyone can do. While you won’t be making a living with these apps and services, the extra money you earn may well be worth the minimal effort.

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Get rewarded for good work: Gigwalk

gigwalk app

gigwalk app.
What we like
  • Find a job through the List of concerts or a map of concerts in your area.

  • No schedules or billing.

  • High performers can be added to the private workforce.

What we don’t like
  • Limited to metropolitan areas.

  • PayPal account required for payment.

  • Higher paying jobs are based on performance.

Gigwalk describes itself as a mobile work marketplace. You can earn a second paycheck using the Gigwalk mobile app for iPhone or Android to do simple field work like mystery shopping, item delivery, mobile app testing, photography, and more. Gigwalk, available in major US metro areas, pays between $3 and $100 per task, depending on your experience and reputation.

Just download the app and check the list of vacancies in your area. Small tasks take just a few minutes, and you only work when you want to.

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Pay Fast: Field Agent


What we like
  • An easy way to make pocket money.

  • There is no minimum requirement to withdraw funds.

  • Relatively fast payment.

  • Paid by direct deposit or prepaid debit card.

What we don’t like
  • You must carefully follow the instructions to receive payment.

  • Short standby time.

  • Pay is low for time

Like Gigwalk, Field Agent turns iPhone and Android smartphone users into mobile workers who scan barcodes, a mystery store, check prices, conduct surveys, explore neighborhoods, and more using their smartphones. In return, agents are paid between $2 and $12 for each assignment. It may not seem like a lot of money, but when you get bored of waiting in line, you can also take a survey and earn a few dollars.

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Work anywhere you shop: EasyShift

EasyShift application

EasyShift App.
What we like
  • Available throughout the US.

  • Automatic payment via PayPal 48 hours after approval.

  • As the «rank» increases, so do the opportunities for change.

What we don’t like
  • Instructions must be carefully followed to avoid rejection.

  • Pay is low for the required time.

  • Support is not responsive.

Pick up a quick 1 or 2 minute shift and you can make a couple of bucks anywhere you shop. Like Gigwalk, EasyShift assignments often involve taking pictures or recording a price. Payments range from $2 to $20 per shift. Automatic payments are sent within two days to your check PayPal .

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Work for gift cards from popular stores: Shopkick

Shopkick App

Shopkick app.
What we like
  • Works on a point system called «kicks».

  • Pinkies can be exchanged for gift cards at popular stores.

  • Earn kicks in real stores and through online stores.

What we don’t like
  • Payment is made by gift cards, not cash.

  • Takes a long time to score a lot of points.

Shopkick only rewards you for going shopping — whether or not you buy an item. If you log in with your smartphone, you get «kicks» that can be redeemed for gift cards or in-store discounts. You don’t actually get paid with Shopkick; instead, you get savings. When you scan items or buy from partner stores, you get even more hits.

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Get rewarded with fun: CheckPoints

CheckPoint Application

Checkpoint app.
What we like
  • Shop, answer surveys, watch videos and enter daily points competitions.

  • Funny giveaways.

  • Good customer service.

What we don’t like
  • Collect coins to play games for points.

  • Pays with gift cards and prizes, not cash.

CheckPoints, like Shopkick, earn you points and rewards for scanning products, watching videos, checking into different stores, playing games or completing offers. Points can be redeemed for discounts, gift cards or products.

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Paying to search the web: Swagbucks

Swagbucks App

Swagbucks app.
What we like
  • Payable with gift cards and cash.

  • Take surveys, shop online, watch movie trailers, and search online for glasses.

  • Regular lotteries for cash prizes.

What we don’t like
  • Surveys are time consuming.

  • Unresponsive customer service.

Get money in gift cards for Internet search on your phone or computer. Swagbucks is a popular online rewards program and Android and iPhone users can earn money on the go. Mobile searches, daily surveys and other ways to earn Swag money are available from your phone. For approximately 450 points, you can receive a $5 gift card. This requires a lot of searching, but there are other ways to earn points, including random drawings.

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