VR allows us to take a fresh look at the world. Unlike in the past, where places you never visited were only available in photos or movies, now you can feel like you are actually there because of the virtual reality experience. So it makes sense that comics aren’t exempt from that. Magnetique takes you into the comic so you can look around and feel like you’re actually inside the story rather than reading it off the page, and we’ve got all the details.

Emotion colors

One of the first things you’ll notice about the release of Magnetique 1 is the art style. It’s full of dramatic colors that help translate the emotion behind the story before you even read one speech bubble. When it opens, you will be surrounded by people running. You can see the horror and fear on their faces.

One of the most amazing traits is how the artists put you at the center of everything. You can look around and see small details, like a village on a mountainside or the area you just came from. These little details make everything come alive in a way that is impossible when reading a paper comic in your hands.

The choice of music also really heightens the emotion in every shot. These selections change with each frame and you can tell they were specially chosen to enhance the atmosphere you feel. From quiet waves in the distance, to planes in the air, to ominous tones that run the comic. Each works great and makes the experience so much more exciting.